ESSAY: Transformational Leadership and LMX

1 – Describe in-group and out-group members. What does this concept relate to? Do employees choose which group they want to be part of? Can they move back and forth between the two groups?


2 – Describe transformational leadership. What are the four types of leadership behaviors that are identified in transformational leadership? Describe them and how they influence followers?

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Transformational Leadership

Leadership is an important aspect towards the development of an organization and the society. Transformational leadership is one of the leadership styles that entails developing leadership qualities in other people by allowing them to undergo a self-actualization moment. It boosts other people’s confidence (Khan, Nawaz & Khan, 2016). It mostly applies motivation as a means to influence others to improve on their self-esteem and consequently develop individual qualities of leaders. Transformational leadership ensures that individuals’ qualities are improved while organizational goals are achieved.

Types of Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Their Influence

Transformational leadership can exist in various forms in an organization. Idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individualized consideration and intellectual motivation are the common types of transformational leadership.

Idealized influence is a type of transformational leadership that creates an impact on followers through idealizing a leader as a role model. The inspiration offered by this type of leadership is long lasting since it develops values in an individual and ensures that attitudes and the significance of life is enhanced (Khan, Nawaz & Khan, 2016). Idealized influence impacts followers in a great way since it applies to them on a personal basis and it triggers self-motivation among followers thus leading to improvement of self-esteem.

Inspirational motivation, on the other hand, involves helping followers understand their, visions, missions and purpose in life or a given task. It requires the use of attractive external ways such as talks from the leaders to make sure that followers develop leadership qualities (Khan, Nawaz & Khan, 2016). Its influence among followers include aligning subjects to common organizational goals thus encouraging them to achieve their best qualities. Intellectual stimulation is a self-actualization transformational leadership style that ensure that followers understand their responsibilities in achievement of organizational goals. It involves the use of approaches such as coaching, mentoring and morale building (Khan, Nawaz & Khan, 2016). Intellectual stimulation influences followers…

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