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ESSAY: Understanding and Managing Diversity

For this assignment, write an essay that answers the following question: How can I foster an environment of generational inclusion in the workplace? Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words and cite at least 5 academic references.


Understanding and Managing Diversity

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One of the most common challenges facing the modern working environment encompasses the effective management of diverse workforces. The basis for this assertion relates to people being more comfortable around individuals who act and think in similar ways to them. Generational diversity in an organization means having people of different generations and ages and the ability to make them work effectively in the same environment. Various generations include Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Millennials. Embracing generational diversity is important because it fosters innovation and problem-solving within the organization. Creating a conducive environment of inclusion, open communication, respect, and freedom help creating and implementing ideas that help the organization capitalize on its diverse human capital. A diverse…

Research indicates that a non-diverse workforce is likely to adopt complex and ineffective approaches to problem-solving (Vohra, Mathur, Chopra & Verma, 2015). In so doing, their solutions to looming and existing challenges are limited. Diverse workforces are adequately equipped to approach challenges from different angles hence their ability to provide better and well-foresighted solutions. Additionally, such workforces can leverage their members’ and spur a lot of innovation (Grensing-Pophal, 2018). However, due…

Generational Inclusion A workplace environment that supports generational inclusion can be created in different ways. Various factors that foster an environment of generational inclusion in the workplace include reviewing the organization’s recruiting strategies

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