ESSAY: Understanding Strategic Leadership

This is a class discussion board post for Nurisng Leadship, no cover sheet is required.

Discussion Board Post for Week 5: Understanding Strategic Leadership

Describe the strategic leadership process and why strategic strategies are of essence when building an organizational/agency vision and leading change.

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Please see attachment for Week 5 introduction, Lesson Plan and discussion baord post.


Strategic Leadership

            Strategic leadership involves the implementation of an organization’s strategic plans with the goal of achieving the organization’s strategic vision and mission (Stringham, 2012). It consists of translating knowledge into action. Like in many organizations, strategic planning in healthcare organizations involves using available information to create good strategies. Strategic leaders can mobilize an organization’s resources to aid in attaining set goals. The strategic leadership process has two phases. The two steps are the planning phase and the implementation phase (Stringham, 2012). In the planning phase, strategic leaders generate goals, strategies, and interventions that will aid in the attainment of an organization’s mission and vision. The implementation phases involve the execution of the goals, strategies, and interventions agreed upon in the planning phase (Stringham, 2012). The two steps of the process are interrelated. While execution is based on a…

            Strategic strategies are essential in building an organization’s or agency’s vision and in leading change. The creation of an excellent vision requires in-depth knowledge about an organization and its operating environment. It also requires strategic foresight. Highly skilled strategic leaders can aid an organization or agency in creating a strategic vision as they are usually able to forecast the future. Long-term strategies are also crucial to leading change. Change involves steering an organization from one direction to another due to numerous reasons. Long-term strategies inform the future direction of an organization or agency, and that informs the areas that need to be changed (Stringham, 2012). Without a clear understanding of where an organization is headed, leaders are likely to face challenges….    


Stringham, S. (2012). Strategic leadership and strategic management: leading and managing change on the edge of chaos. iUniverse.

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