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ESSAY: Unethical Behaviors in Organizations

As part of the APUS efforts for innovation in technology, your instructor has created news feed links that are specific to the subject of business and other relevant competencies. The yellow titles below are links to separate news articles. Each week you are required to find one news article (From any link below) that relates to your personal interests and discuss how that article relates to our weekly material. Tell your instructor what the article was about and how the article relates to our learning content this week. Be creative with your thoughts on how you link the article to our course material). You should post the evaluation of the article at the end of your response to the discussion questions each week (Include this section as part of your 250-word response). The news feeds are updated throughout the day/week to provide you with a real-time learning environment. This technology integration will provide you, as a learner, the choice to discuss news events that fit your personal background and interests. It will also help you stay educated on current events that might relate to your related profession or personal interests. Enjoy.



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Additional required questions this week:

Use our Library AND our weekly reading material to answer the following:

What are some of the common types of unethical behaviors in organizations? Why should leaders monitor these behaviors? What types of leaders implement ethical directives best?

In what ways do unethical behaviors increase organizational costs? What are some of the common costs associated with unethical behavior?

Business Ethics : An Ethical Decision-Making Approach

by Mark S. Schwartz
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated


Unethical Behaviors in Organizations

Every organization has its own rules and regulations that employees and other stakeholders have to contend with as they discharge their mandate. However, it is common to find some behaviors that fall short of the expectations as will be presented in this task.

Common Types of Unethical Behaviors in Organizations

There are many types of unethical behavior that can be witnessed in organizations. Some of them include misuse of the company time where a person can be at the workplace but engaged in other personal/ social activities. Another type is abusive behavior which can include abusing fellow employees, company policies or speaking ill of the organization. Other examples are employee theft and lying to employees.

Why Leaders Should Monitor such Behavior

Unethical behaviors can have negative impacts if not well addressed. It is the mandate of leaders to ensure that there is no unethical behavior. This ensures that an organization develops a culture that adheres to its policies and that employees don’t have to be micro-managed to undertake what is right for the organization (De Cremer & Vandekerckhove, 2017). Leaders should also manage such behavior as a way of saving costs for an organization. For instance, misuse of a company’s internet and cases of theft can lead to financial losses for the organization.

Types of Leaders that best Implement Ethical directives

People who are trustworthy, positive and with integrity can help ensure that ethical directives are adhered to. This is because they act as role models to other employees and hence it becomes easy for them to enforce ethical standards (Schwartz, 2017).

How Unethical Behaviors Increase Costs

Unethical behavior can destroy the brand and reputation of an organization which is bad for business. Furthermore, unethical employees are bound to be less productive as they tend to inject negative energy into the organization. There are also internal conflicts that can lead to some of the most productive employees going to competitors.

Costs associated with Unethical behavior

Costs resulting from increased risk of doing business, costs associated with marketing to restore an organization’s reputation, costs associated with legal cases emanating from unethical behavior and costs relate…

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