ESSAY: Union Opposition

This week’s lesson discussed the nature of employer opposition to unions, and the union negotiating environment. Consider and comment on the following questions:

1. Considering the current rules regarding permissible conduct by unions to promote themselves and permissible conduct by employers to fight union encroachment, which side do you think the rules tend to favor and why? Do you think such favoritism is deliberate in the legislative design? Why or why not?

2. Do you think employers in certain industries might be more resistant to unionization than in others? Why or why not?
Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to a minimum of 2 students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Please review the forum grading rubrics in order to understand your responses in the forum will be graded. Important: Citing of sources is never required for forums.

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My initial thought was that the rules were meant to favor unions. However, after a critical evaluation, I learnt that they were in fact in favor of employers as they made them re-evaluate employee working conditions, wages, benefits as well as their job security. Such strategies have ensured that even the lowest person on the employment cadre has his/her voice listened to. Even though they at times set tough rules to conform with the difficult business environment, such rules are often seen as harsh to the unions and hence spark protests. At the end of the day, if such regulations are adjusted after concerns have been raised by employees, the employee morale is boosted hence making them more productive (Herbert & Apkarian, 2017). The employer therefore makes more sales and profits. I believe the favoritism is deliberate in the sense that the government’s intention is to create a favorable environment for the employers as a way of reducing unemployment in the country

Whether Some Employers Can Be Opposed to Unionization

It is true that some employers can strongly oppose the development of unions in their industries. There are some industries or work settings that cannot advocate for establishment of unions since in the event such unions opt to go for a strike, there will be great harm. Some jobs also have work hazards which even when there are proper precautions, they are quite dangerous. Tasks in such settings may not be undertaken by other people. Accepting to establish unions in such settings will pose a risk to the industry in the event employees go on strike. For the hazard setting, any new employee will take a lot of time to adapt to the hazardous setting. It is unimaginable for instance to picture police officers going on strike because union officials have said so. Employers in such settings will do everything possible to diffuse any idea of …

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