ESSAY: Union Organizing Case Study

This is a team assignment and this is my part of the paper. I have attached the case study and the grading rubric for this assignment.

My part-Explain whether or not the storeowner may prohibit nonemployee union organizers from distributing leaflets in a shopping mall parking lot owned by the storeowner

Research labor laws and legal cases on union organization in parking lots using online law libraries or other Internet sources of your choice.

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Using the IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) of legal case analysis, analyze the case study by identifying the applicable rule of law(s) relevant to the case.

Analyze the case facts against the laws you have identified, and then give a conclusion as to what the result should be and which party should win the case.

Explain whether or not the storeowner may prohibit nonemployee union organizers from distributing leaflets in a shopping mall parking lot owned by the storeowner.

Write and complete a 1,400- to 1,750-word legal analysis in the third-person voice according to the following guidelines:

Rule (of Law): Recommended word length: 300 to 350 words
Analysis: Recommended word length: 800 to 1,050 words
Conclusion: Recommended word length: 300 to 350 words

Include justification for your responses by citing applicable laws and/or legal cases in your analysis.


Subject: Union Organizing Case Study

The National Labor Relations Act stipulates the rules and regulations governing the joining of unions. While workers have the right to join any union they wish, the law stipulates that unions or employers have no right to force employees to join unions. In the case presented herein, an advertisement by The United Food and Commercial Workers Union failed to attract the interest of employees of World Tea & Coffee, Inc which implies that the employees were unwilling to join the union. Evidence has not been shown in the case study that the management of the company had warned them not to form or join a union. Therefore, to effectively respond to this question, the assumption to be made is that there was a proper relationship between the management of World Tea & Coffee and its employees. ¬†According to the latest review by property law under the title “Facts about private property (2019),” private property can be defined as property that is owned by an individual or a person like a legal entity, for instance, a company. Such kinds of property are important in the sense that the rights of such property lie with the owner. Such an owner possesses all the legal rights regarding all the assets within his/her premises. Unlike in public property, owners of private property have a right to restrict the entry of any unauthorized persons. Furthermore, the government has the right to rescind…

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