ESSAY: Warehouse Operation Processes

What are the eight (8) processes associated to warehouse operations? Which processes have a direct impact on customer service? What are some risk that may impact, or slow down these processes?


Supply chain management plays a significant role in the delivery of products to consumers from the warehouse. This task looks at the processes of warehouse operations, which are vital to consumers and risks that impact such processes.

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Processes Associated with Warehouse Operations

The first process/stage is the pre-receipt that entails making proper arrangements for the receipt of products. It is followed by receipt of the products to the warehouse. This stage ensures that the right products and the correct quantity, time, and state are received. The second stage is the put-away stage, which entails moving the products from receipt to storage. Therefore, storage is the third processes in warehouse operations (Lam, Choy & Chung, 2010). After the products have been properly labelled and stored, it is now time to put them in the appropriate locations within the warehouse based on the accompanying inventory. The products which have been kept in the store can then be removed from the warehouse for delivery to customers based on the customer orders in a fourth process called picking (Rimiene, 2008). The sixth stage is replenishment, that seeks to fill the deficiencies. The next step is value addition and entails differentiating products to be unique and capture customer expectations. The last step is the shipping, and the returns stage, where products are sent to the consumer and can be returned if they are faulty.

Processes That Have a Direct Impact On Customer Service

All the processes have some level of impact to the customer. However, the process with the most significant impact is the shipping and the return of products. For instance, the mode of shipping will dictate how long it takes for the customers to get the products. If the product delay and the customer feels inconvenienced, the reputation of the company will be punctured (Chung, Her & Lin, 2009). Similarly, shipping can also lead to loss of products. Returns, on the other hand, are dictated by whether the products meet the client’s expectations or not.

Some Risk That May Impact, Or Slow Down These Processes

Some risk that may slow down the identified processes includes lack of automated technology that slows down the delivery of products, the warehouse layout which dictates how quick or slow products can be stored and retrieved as well as having unskilled employees that have little knowledge about monitoring product inventories (Walker, 2018)…

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