ESSAY: What was Louis XIV conception of Absolutism?

The one page paper have to contain Introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion. You can use a couple quotation and page number that you find it. Please be sure to cite the sources as URL and NO plagiarism.


What Was Louis XIV Conception of Absolutism?

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Absolutism is a political system where the King has the sovereign and unlimited power to make orders and shift powers bestowed on a given individual (Henshall, 2014). Biblical foundations established the ideals of absolutism because the King was seen as God’s representative with divine powers and authority. Louis XIV devised calculative mechanisms to achieve absolutism in France during his reign.

The Concept of Absolutism

To achieve an absolute monarchy during his reign, Louis XIV ensured that his palace was outside the city where he could conveniently meet French nobles to decide on laws and statutes. By adopting such an approach, the King played the patronage role efficiently (Henshall, 2014). To further weaken the powers of the nobility, the king excluded them from attending court ceremonials and were therefore denied an …

Louis centralized the France government and instituted tight controls by only assigning essential government roles to his allies. He appointed Jean – Baptiste Colbert as the Finance Minister and Marquis de Louvois as the war minister. The two would remain loyal to the King …

Given the King’s conception of one power, one King, and one faith, he revoked the Edict of Nantes previously granted. All the Huguenot churches and schools were demolished and all the clergies expunged (Henshall, 2014). Additionally, the church was suspended from active politics, and the Pope’s authority limited through the declaration of the clergy …


In conclusion, Louis XIV devised calculative and precise ways to achieve absolutism. Weakening the nobility power, centralizing the government and advocating for one faith through revocation of Edict of Nantes were useful ways of conceptualizing….


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