ESSAY: Why Do Some Managers Hate the Performance Evaluation?

Some managers would rather get a root canal than go through the performance evaluation process with their direct reports. Why? What does research tell you?

As you respond to the two questions listed above, please address the following:
•What traits does an effective manager display in the workplace?
•Is there a profile for a manager who may struggle with the evaluation process?
•What are the key elements of a successful employee evaluation process? How should a manager prepare for the event?
•Develop an evaluation form for your direct reports and show how the evaluation criterion correlates to the organization’s objectives.


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Performance evaluation is a productive and formal process of measuring the work of employees and outcomes of their duties and responsibilities. It measures an employee’s added value with respect to industry standards and general employee return on capital. Most organizations depend on systematic performance review processes that regularly gauge employee performance (Murphy, Cleveland & Hanscom, 2018). Performance evaluations form the basis for employee promotions; salary increments as well as ….

Even though performance evaluation is an essential process in most organizations, some managers hate or dread the procedure. Before considering the reasons why some managers hate performance evaluations, it is crucial to note the traits that an effective manager should have. Communication is a vital trait for a manager to have so that they can communicate their vision and direction as well as what they expect from their subordinates. Secondly, they should be able to delegate tasks and duties tapping into the strengths of their ….

In addition to excellent organizational skills, managers should practice patience and understanding towards employees. They should interact and know their employees while recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, managers should be able to build effective teams that can achieve a common goal as well as providing constructive…

Having the above traits may make an individual an effective manager. However, even an effective manager may struggle with the evaluation process. For example, some managers tend to think that performance evaluations do not matter. As a result, some messages may not be apparent to employees because, without performance evaluations, employees and …

In any performance evaluation, the manager should focus on an employee’s results. They should concentrate on what the employee is doing rather than how they are doing it. Managers who focus only on how the employee approaches their work will struggle with performance evaluations. An effective manager should be clear, direct and concise about problematic issues and include them…

There are reasons why some managers hate the performance evaluation process. First, some managers do not invest adequate time to set their deliverables (Aguinis, Joo & Gottfredson, 2011). It is essential as a manager to meet with their team members and assign them their specific result areas. Managers should recognize the employees’ weaknesses and strengths and motivate them to work hard so that they have a basis for their evaluations. Secondly, some managers fear giving negative feedback. Some employees may react negatively…

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