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Evidence-based practice involves a great deal more than simply reading nursing periodicals on a regular basis.

Course Project: Introduction to Course Project
Evidence-based practice involves a great deal more than simply reading nursing periodicals on a regular basis. Nurses can take a more proactive approach to evidence-based practice by identifying authentic problems and concerns, and then using that to guide their inquiries into current research. In this way, nurses can connect the results of relevant research studies to their nursing practice.

For the Course Project, you identify and apply relevant research to a specific nursing topic or problem. You begin by formulating an answerable question that is relevant to nursing and evidence-based practice. In later weeks of this course, you continue the Course Project by conducting a literature review and then determining how the evidence from the literature can be applied to nursing practice.

Before you begin, review the Course Project Overview document located in this week’s Learning Resources.

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Note: This Course Project will serve as the Portfolio Assignment for the course. In addition to submitting portions of this Project in Weeks 2 and 5, you will turn in all three deliverables in Week 10.

Course Project: Part 1—Identifying a Researchable Problem
One of the most challenging aspects of EBP is to actually identify the answerable question.

—Karen Sue Davies

Formulating a question that targets the goal of your research is a challenging but essential task. The question plays a crucial role in all other aspects of the research, including the determination of the research design and theoretical perspective to be applied, which data will be collected, and which tools will be used for analysis. It is therefore essential to take the time to ensure that the research question addresses what you actually want to study. Doing so will increase your likelihood of obtaining meaningful results.

In this first component of the Course Project, you formulate questions to address a particular nursing issue or problem. You use the PICOT model—patient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome—outlined in the Learning Resources to design your questions.

To prepare:

Review the article, “Formulating the Evidence Based Practice Question: A Review of the Frameworks,” found in the Learning Resources for this week. Focus on the PICOT model for guiding the development of research questions.
Review the section beginning on page 71 of the course text, titled, “Developing and Refining Research Problems” in the course text, which focuses on analyzing the feasibility of a research problem.
Reflect on an issue or problem that you have noticed in your nursing practice. Consider the significance of this issue or problem.
Generate at least five questions that relate to the issue which you have identified. Use the criteria in your course text to select one question that would be most appropriate in terms of significance, feasibility, and interest. Be prepared to explain your rationale.
Formulate a preliminary PICO question—one that is answerable—based on your analysis. What are the PICO variables (patient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome) for this question?
Note: Not all of these variables may be appropriate to every question. Be sure to analyze which are and are not relevant to your specific question.

Using the PICOT variables that you determined for your question, develop a list of at least 10 keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search to investigate current research pertaining to the question.
To complete:

Write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following:

A summary of your area of interest, an identification of the problem that you have selected, and an explanation of the significance of this problem for nursing practice
The 5 questions you have generated and a description of how you analyzed them for feasibility
Your preliminary PICOT question and a description of each PICOT variable relevant to your question
At least 10 possible keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search for your PICOT question and a rationale for your selections


The improvement of health care service provision in the health care facilities is a continuous process in which health care providers seek to ensure patient-centered approach is attained. In the past, health care providers offered patient care based on experience, a practice that has been overtaken by events. The current health care practice requires nurses to adopt an evidence-based approach in provision of health care. This approach ensures consideration and inclusion of research findings in nursing practice. Evidence based practices are both beneficial to the patient and to the organization by way of reducing costs and improving efficiency…

The application of electronic sepsis tools and RN helps in early identification of sepsis and therefore facilitates early treatment in the emergency XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX detection of sepsis allows timely treatment which greatly reduces the complications associated with this condition as well as mortality rate. Guerra et al. (2013) added that the use of electronic screening XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as well as RN has significant effect of improving the detection of sepsis in the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX call for enhanced identification of sepsis in the ED using Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guideline proved to have significantly improved the outcomes (Rhodes et al., 2017)

Problem Statement

            Demaray, Jaco and lopez-Bushnell (2014) noted that Sepsis infection in the United States is one of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that over 750,000 individuals are diagnosed with sepsis with more than 200,000 persons dying XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX defined by Aitken, Kleinpell & Schorr (2013) as systematic inflammatory that is caused by infection and spread to the various body parts through the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX treated, it advances to severe infections that lead to prolonged hypo perfusion and finally organ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX diagnosis means that the disease has the possibility of developing into sever sepsis and later XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX because of hypotension. In such cases, even fluid resuscitation to counter the infection may fail to yield positive outcomes.

             Moxon and McClelland (2014) noted that late detection of sepsis is the main obstacle to achieving positive outcomes in the prevention of septic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, it is paramount to evaluate the role of electronic sepsis apparatus and RN initiated sepsis protocol in enhancing time to diagnosis.

Purpose and Objectives of the Research Paper

            In today nursing environment, hospitals are encouraged to enhance their operations in order to improve the patient outcomes and hospital XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX suffering from sepsis infection are identified in the emergency XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX therefore critical to ensure that the ED adopts the best nursing practices in diagnosis and treatment of sepsis to reduce mortality and morbidity rates.

            The purpose of this research paper is to determine whether the use of electronic sepsis tools and RN initiated protocols helps to improve time to diagnosis over a 6 months period as compared to no XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX electronic tool was adapted from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to screen organs dysfunction, systematic (logical) inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and possible sources of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX triage health care provider evaluates the patient on arrival using the screening tool to identify the symptoms and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX results of the screening, the patient is recommended to the emergency nurse attached to that patient or if the results are positive, the physician is informed on timely basis to start the appropriate …

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