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Explain the rationale for the total quality approach to doing business.

Explain the rationale for the total quality approach to doing business. Include the three major contributors to this approach. Refer to this week’s required reading before crafting your post.

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Introduction to Total Quality

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Eighth Edition

David L. Goetsch
Stanley B. Davis


The Rationale for Total Quality Approach

The total quality approach to doing business seeks to maximize on how competitive an organization is by continually improving on the quality of products, people, services as well as business processes and the environment in which it operates. The rationale for implementing a total quality approach in an organization is to establish and build cultural values meant to achieve long term success not only for the customers but also for the organization as well. Implementing this approach instills discipline in employees who are meant to continuously improve how they deliver services/ products that are within/ above the expectations of clients (Androniceanu, 2017). Other than developing cultures that lead to the satisfaction of the customer, TQM is also important as it leads to lower costs since quality products imply few defects and hence companies can save on the costs used in replacement and repairs emanating from guarantees or warranties.

Major Contributors to Total Quality Approach

The three significant contributors to the principle of Total Quality Approach are Deming, Juran, and Crosby, who believed that the approach is most significant for an organization that wishes to be competitive. Deming argued that if an organization embraces certain management principles, it can improve the quality of its products and consequently reduces costs associated with wastages or litigation. Juran, on the other hand, relied on the Pareto principle which he used to argue that 80% of an organization’s problems are a result of 20% of the causes (Goetsch & Davis). He focused on the human dimension (training or educating managers) in achieving quality management. Crosby, on the other hand, responds to a quality crisis by insisting on the need to do everything right the first time. The three, therefore, are the greatest contributors to the total quality approach.


Androniceanu, A. (2017). The three-dimensional approach of Total Quality Management, an essential strategic option for business excellence. Amfiteatru Economic19(44), 61-78.

David L. Goetsch, Stanley B. Davis. Quality Management for Organizational Excellence Introduction to Total Quality Eighth Edition

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