In the success-oriented world, corporate strategy serves as one of the tools of the company‟s
realization. McDonald‟s has to constantly change its marketing strategy for example, because public
opinion of fast food can radically shift thus affecting the acceptability or attractiveness of its product
The paper investigated the impact of current issues and concerns raised against McDonald‟s and
other fast food chains as it affects the complex way public perception is created. There are five factors
which the paper evaluated which may have profound impact on the long term operation of a fast food
giant like McDonald‟s. The paper developed a five factor complexity mapping of McDonald‟s. These
are policy, technology, business, corporate configuration and public opinion. These factors are so
intertwined that a change in one factor could lead to changes in another. The paper has also investigated
and evaluated the marketing strategies which McDonald‟s has used in order to target customers seeking
to consume only „healthy‟ products and those who do not mind consuming fatty foods. The paper
describes factors which may affect consumer perceptions of „healthy‟ and „unhealthy‟ foods. The paper
critically analyses the development of McDonald‟s corporate strategy in relation to changes for example
in public opinion and provides recommendations for further adjustments of the company‟s strategy for
possible future scenarios like high demand for all natural food and non-meat products.
Current business practices could now be equated with being global, and in being global by sheer
coincidences it becomes entangled in a complex mosaic of global issues and concerns such as food,
health, environment, ethnicity and culture as ideological divides came crushing down in the mid-80‟s at
the end of the cold war. It then appears logical to view McDonald‟s in the grand scale of globalized
economy with interlocking national interests and dynamics in a very diverse cultural setting.
Global is enormously complex and there are tons of data on just about anything available in the
Internet. How this mass of information is being processed depends on the nature of the study being
conducted. Modeling gives us a chance to provide a way of giving meaning or context to information
which gives us a way of describing how corporate giants like McDonald‟s behave in a global setting with
its attendant concerns.
The Fast food industry is a complex system of relationships intertwined in a more or less urban or
city setting where it fits in nicely to the fast pace of living in city or urban setting. In this sense the fast
food outlet could be considered an indicator of a trend in social development.
Embarking in such a complex study points to a need for a paper that deals with developing a
conceptual model of McDonald‟s operation and strategies as it relates to other players in the food
industry and the public whose view of the world and its problems is shaping the aggregate demand for
basic products and services. Because of its bigness, the actions of fast food chains like McDonald‟s could
significantly affects other industries such as agriculture, scents and flavor among others. We are
confronted here with two intellectual problems. One coming up with an evaluation of a particular
implication of certain actions and coming up way of knowing which actions have important implications
and which has not.
The food industry as a study in complexity
A fast food outlet could be viewed as intertwined in that particular local setting or community
and the top management of the food chain. The basic operation of the outlet then is pre-determined by
corporate policies which allow the practices and array of products offered to the public.
This study delves into how stakeholders act given the contexts and layers of meanings attributed
to each step a long the way of completing a simple cycle from production to selling to consumption of a
burger for example. The author believes that the basic virtues and value system which made America a
world power is at work in the fast-food industry.
Assessing future states is possible to some extent if we will have an idea on the complications and
what steps could be taken by the players to handle such complications such as when any part of the
process is being questioned as “unhealthy” or “unsafe.”
There are many studies dealing with the concerns and issues related to the fast food industry but there is
however a need to delineate the issues and place them in their proper context. There is need for a logical
format from which we could present key relationships affected by each issue or concern…

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