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Global Health

Suppose you have been asked to submit an article for publication in your organization’s newsletter, about a global health topic and how policies and practices at the local level can affect global health. Choose one global health topic from the list (or use another of your choice):

Mental health.
Communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, influenza, malaria, tuberculosis).
Non-communicable diseases (cancer, lung, and heart disease).
Maternal and child health (prenatal care, midwife education, childhood vaccinations).
LGBT health.
Global water supply and safety (, n.d.).
Look in the Capella library and on the Internet for very recent peer-reviewed articles, statistics, and professional nursing information on the global health topic you selected.

For this assessment, develop an APA-formatted research review article that covers one global health topic of your choice. In this assessment:

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Identify your topic. Provide background information and statistics on the topic, including the global areas most affected by the topic and the types of health care issues most often associated with the topic.
Describe the factors that impact health and health care delivery in the global areas most affected by the topic you selected. These factors may include not only culture and tradition, but also politics, economics, and social attitude.
Explain the influence of altruistic organizations (Peace Corps, Project Hope, religious and non-religious missions, and so on) on health and health care practices in the global area specifically associated with the topic.
Describe the interventions implemented to address the health care issues associated with the topic. Include both conventional and unconventional interventions.
Explain how the health care decisions and practices at the local level (the area most impacted by the topic) relate to health and health care delivery in other global areas. This is not limited only to best practices, but could include poor health care decisions and practices.
Identify evidence-based interventions that are effective, efficient, cost-effective, and equitable for promoting wellness and disease prevention in the specific area and population.
Additional Requirements
Complete your assessment using the following specifications:

Title page and reference page.
Number of pages: 6–8 (not including the title and reference pages).
At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources.


Global Health – Non-Communicable Diseases

Background Information and Statistics On the Topic

There is an increased global burden to urgently respond to the enormous spread of Non-communicable diseases. Though there is a framework for responding to many of such diseases, a lot remains to be done in as far as implementing the developed policies by the United Nations and the World Health Organization to avert the relevant illnesses is concerned. Diseases such as lung and heart disease as well as cancer form the bigger junk of the many diseases in this category and will form the basis of this essay.

Even though non-communicable diseases are a prevalent menace in the whole world, statistically, it has a higher prevalence in developing countries as compared to any region of the world (Nyirenda, 2016). The region of Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, has had a great epidemiological change for non-communicable diseases. Research also indicates that illnesses such as HIV/AIDS has grown from 2% in 1990’s to close to 14% in the year 2016 (Ameh et al., 2017). The rate of transmission of such diseases from mother to child has also witnessed mortality deaths especially in developing countries. In Africa alone, chronic illnesses account for 69% of deaths as a result of chronic illnesses (Nyirenda, 2016).

Other chronic illnesses such as heart disease, chronic obstructive diseases, and stroke are some of the lifestyle diseases that cannot be linked to only a particular region. Epidemics such as diabetes as well as lung cancer provide a clear reflection of how smoking and obesity continue to contribute to lifestyle illnesses. CDC indicate that six in ten Americans have at least one chronic illness such as cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes (Ameh et al., 2017). These among others have proven to be the leading causes of death. The center also argues that such diseases are the cause of disability among many US citizens.

Factors That Impact Health and Health Care Delivery in The Global Areas Most Affected by The Topic

Socioeconomic and political issues play a critical role in influencing the response of chronic illnesses across the globe. There is already extensive documentation showing the relationship between socioeconomic issues and the chronic illnesses just as there are with political reasons.

Low income levels may have been an impetus to the many chronic illnesses that continue to be experienced. With lack of enough financial muscle, there is a differential access to having a proper nutrition as well as health and social services such as physical exercise. The inability by a patient to access adequate physical exercise facilities can be a cause of altered blood pressure as well as decreased levels of immunity which may strongly be needed by most of these patients (WHO, 2015).

Exclusion due to age and stigma can be a very big barrier to attaining healthy delivery of care services. The society especially in developing countries may not be friendly to patients who have chronic illnesses such as cancer. As a matter of fact, most people in developing countries interpret a chronic illness such as cancer as a direct entry to death. Adequate care is never given as care givers have neither the financial muscle nor the confidence to have their family members seek medication with confidence that they will be ok. The perception that cultures and societies have concerning medical indicators speaks volume concerning lifestyle diseases. For example…

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