Group Processes and Stages of Formation

In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following from the required video:

Explain the group’s processes and stage of formation.
Explain curative factors that occurred in the group. Include how these factors might impact client progress.
Explain intragroup conflict that occurred and recommend strategies for managing the conflict. Support your recommendations with evidence-based literature.
*** Writer… please note that this paper is related to a video of a mock therapy group. I can’t seem to find the video online, however, this link is the write up of the video. Actual video text starts on page 11, however, everything prior is the author’s/therapist’s preface.
If for whatever reason you feel it is necessary to see the video, please write me to provide you with access to my login so that you can see the video (which I believe will take much longer than looking the text over).


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Group Processes and Formation Stages

According to the video, a group can be defined as a composition of people that experience struggle of social mishaps and hence have sought resolution mechanisms. What binds the group together is the social challenges that they face and hence the desire to move to a place of better adaptive functionality (Brabender & Ginzberg, 2013). The first stage is the storming stage where the group is well established and every member is trying to vie for positions as well as roles (Levi, 2015). The authority is therefore questioned and disagreements become eminent. Besides this, it is in this stage that people compete for status, influence, control as well as the desire to be in charge. At the storming stage, there is inner conflict and the leaders are tested for their ability to lead.

The storming stage defines the current state in the video. This is evidenced by the fact that the group fails to meet objectives, there are emerging differences as well as many issues of power and control. Even though the group has already been established i.e. the forming stage, components of storming stage are eminent as both Pam and Phillip are forced to come together and rules established as well as similarities set. On the other hand, Gill who is another participant, needs to be pushed by Bonny as he (Gill) keeps putting blame on Julius. Such conflicts are very common to this stage. However, it is important that such issues are resolved so that all parties in the group remain together and the culture of support and cohesion is embraced. It is essential that groups move to the norming stage as that is the best stage for management of conflicts and the group finds a clear identity/ group norms. In the video, despite the differences and conflicts, all members have agreed to work as a team.

The Curative Factors as Well as Effect of the Progress of Clients

There are many curative factors witnessed in the group as per the video. Hope for instance dominated the group as members retain their desire to work as a team in order to iron out the challenges that befell them. Other factors included altruism and universality. The step taken by group members to ensure they are united is important as it shows hope and support and solutions to problems (Brabender & Ginzberg, 2013). The focus taken by the group at the end of the video is a great manifestation of good progress to come. The many curative factors in the group as per the video allowed members to be more productive and focused.

Intragroup Conflict and How It Can Be Managed There was outright evidence of intra-group conflict as shown by Pam’s dislike of Phillip being included in the group. It is this initial conflict that almost caused the collapse of the group. Since Pam openly showed her dislike for Phillip, this almost resulted to polarization as people were forced to take sides. However, Philip showed more maturity by appreciating the role that Pam had in the group. It has to be known that many intragroup conflicts emanate from long standing toxic relationships which may present a challenge in overcoming. However, such conflicts are common and ought not to be a source of a group collapsing. In fact, it is in such conflicts that groups thrive. To solve conflicts, it is important that…

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