How do couples communicate their romantic relationships arrangement (monogamy) to one another?

How do couples communicate their romantic relationships arrangement (monogamy) to one another?

How do couples communicate their romantic relationships arrangement (monogamy) to one another?

In various societies, there are different romantic relationship arrangements especially for heterosexual individuals. Monogamy is practiced in some communities, regions, and cultures because they belief that is the right way and others practice polygamy. There are aspects of relationships that are discussed and those that happen just for the other partners to experience especially those marrying the second wife secretly. Communication is an important aspect that acts as a pillar in relationship but there are issues that are less discussed by partners that are in romantic relationship. According to research conducted where 573 North American adults were involved as participants showed that most of the participants that participated argued that they discussed with their partners about their objective engagement in a single partner (Muise et al., 2021). The research showed that part of the couples in relationship engaged in a conversation about the nature of their romantic relationship and decided to settle on monogamy type of relationship. In monogamy, the couples are not expected to engage in any sexual act outside their exclusive romantic relationship. Surprisingly, the research by Muise et al. (2021), showed that out of the 573 participants in the study, more than half have never discussed exclusively with their partners concerning their agreement to participate in a monogamy relationship and this shows that there are many people in the population that are in a relationship without any condition.

The interview and discussion with the participants indicated that most of them are in monogamy relationship because that is the nature of relationship that is universally accepted and within the requirements of Christianity religion. The couples had no need of discussing the issue of monogamy relationship with their partners because they knew that the people, they are engaging with understand the universally acceptable nature of relationship that is in place (Rubinsky et al., 2021). There is an expectation that communication between partners in a relationship would result to an important agreement that would contribute to a more years of good relationship. There are solid reasons to why couples were not discussion their relationship through engagement in a communication because they already have an expectation of an outcome that monogamy is the order of the day and accepted globally. Romantic relationship is universally accepted to be achieved through monogamy because the population and various cultures have been made to understand that way (Muise et al., 2021). There is no polygamous or open relationship that has been welcomed to be romantic because people have negative perception and stigma against them, and they are highly marginalized making it difficult to thrive in the current society.

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Despite the acceptance by most communities that monogamy relationship is monogamous and should be embraced, there are still challenges that are experienced. Issues of infidelity are experienced in the current society, and this is contributed by the fact that there are people that join monogamy due to societal expectation but naturally they are polygamous forcing them to engage in infidelity (Rubinsky et al., 2021). The case of infidelity is low in the population because most of those that chose monogamy were determined in doing so but a few of those engaging in other partners outside marriage are forced by culture and traditions (Muise et al., 2021). Polygamy is there in our society and some culture accepts them, but the society is pushing against it and this is much evident even in more of our common movies and films that portray monogamy as the acceptable kind of relationship. The challenges that are encountered in the monogamy relationship where partners are found to engage in infidelity are contributed by the aspect that they failed to engage in communication about the nature of relationship they would like to have. Engaging in a relationship without proper communication would result to multiple disagreements in future and this is avoided by giving details about becoming polygamous in future or like to participate in open relationship. Those that value monogamous relationship need to discuss it openly to cement their relationship and build trust and avoid the room for ambiguity that might trigger divorce.

There is a reason why marriages were made agreements because without the provisions, there are those that might joke with the serious institution of life and put their partners in much pain and disappointments. Participating in an agreement to stay loyal to each other in a relationship is a crucial declaration that makes someone becomes responsible for their actions like infidelity and take the necessary action to accept it and ask for forgiveness (Muise et al., 2021). However, I belief that the current population should be advised to consider opening to their partners about the nature of relationship they would like to have before making any agreement that they might break it in future. If your partner knows the kind of relationship or romance that you like is wrong and couples should value consultation that promote sharing ideas, concerns and also demands to have a successful life together (Rubinsky et al., 2021). Heterosexual relationship is achieved both sexually and emotionally and works best for people that share interest, goals and can understand their faults and weaknesses.


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