Identify and describe the signs of stress?

Identify and describe the signs of stress? What are some strategies for releasing stress and maintain our sanity in the workplace? How can stress impact our role as managers in the upward, horizontal, and downward chain of command?

Please read and respond to the above question. Then, respond meaningfully to at least two other students’ postings.


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Impact of Stress in a Workplace

Everyone’s life has its ups and downs as stress in life is inevitable. Individuals experience different signs and symptoms of stress. The most common signs of stress include shaking, experiencing difficulties in breathing, fatigue, stomach issues, mild to severe headaches, and emotional stress. The latter can be manifested through crying, nervousness, and depression, among other signs. Fortunately, stress can be released. The best way to release stress in a workplace environment involves relaxation and mediation. Our roles as managers or leaders can be impacted by stress in organizations because communication is a vital component in the success of an organization. Everyone handles stress differently, therefore, it is important to disseminate information that does not come across as stressful when moving down the command chain.

Response to peer 1

I think the student hit the nail on the head with the listed signs and symptoms of stress. Stress can literally take away employees’ personalities if they let it. It can as well compromise one’s immune defense. I admire the way the student highlighted the fact that an employee with a history of perfect work performance could suddenly start presenting shoddy tasks because of stress issues. I agree with the solution given to relieve the stress burden. Talking and sharing about the stressing issue can help address the challenge. Workplace stress can significantly affect organization management, especially when making critical decisions.

Response to peer 2

I am impressed by the way the student discussed the stress issue from a worker perspective.  As stated by the student, stress has several cognitive, behavioral, and emotional symptoms, such as loneliness and restlessness. Stress on an employee may cause major interference with the worker’s performance and dedication to the organization. I like that the student mentioned stress could be managed through relaxing and doing some exercises to help in physical relaxation. I agree with the student that managers and leaders within the organization can maintain workplace relationships within the three commands by effective management of stress.

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