Immersion Project Paper

Reflection on your Immersion Project:
Observation: What observational activity did you attend and what insight did it give you into your selected population?
Dialogue: How did you carry out your dialogue? Reflect on your experience and what insight it gave you into your selected population.
Reaction and Critical Analysis of your experience: This section should incorporate your reflections on your experiences, what you learned about the group, what you learned about yourself, and how your perceptions of this group have changed over time.

Several areas to address in this section:
Description of the group
Values/belief orientation
Social interactions (relationships within and between group members)
Religious/spiritual beliefs
Roles and expectations
Language and communication


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Description of the Latino Community

The US Census Bureau developed the term Hispanic or Latino to refer to people who speak Spanish irrespective of their country of origin. However, this term varies in its acceptance by the diverse individuals who the Bureau categorically considers Hispanics in the US today. Latinos originate from 20 different nations but have a common language ancestry. Due to this diversity, self-identity within the group is very crucial causing some variations in the name such as Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, La Raza, Hispano, or country of origin. Latinos are, therefore, a complex group of Spanish-speaking individuals. As of 2018, the US Hispanic population estimate was 59.9 million (United States Population 2020, n.d.). According to the Census Bureau, Latinos have the highest number of youths among all ethnic groups in the US.

Values, Beliefs, and Culture Due to the diversifications that occur in the Latino communities depending on the country of origin, each group exhibits different characteristics relating to language use, family roles, spirituality, and religion, as well as illness definitions. However, the Latino community has some unifying themes that are the core patterns of beliefs, values, and behavior. Some of the common cultural themes include: 1) familismo- emphasizes the importance of family on all levels which take precedence over personal needs; 2) personalismo- focuses on displaying mutual respect and building trust; 3) presentismo- emphasizes on the present; 4) jeraquismo- focuses on respect for authority and hierarchical structures; and espiritismo- belief of good and evil spirits and their influence on the well-being and spirit of a dead individual (“Hispanic Family Values?” n.d.). When Latinos greet someone, whether on a personal or professional capacity, it is customary that they kiss them on the cheek. When passing a public place, Latinos greet others with “Buenos Dias” and “ Buenas Tardes”, meaning good morning and good evening…

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