Mobilization Plan Custom Essay

Mobilization Plan Custom Essay A group of 20 nurses is heading to an Area in Africa hit by Ebola. They will need proper preparations that range from training to materials that they may need during the excursion. It will also be important for proper precautions be taken so as to prevent them from contracting any other health problems during the excursion. They will, therefore, require prophylaxis against some health problems such as Malaria. All the supplies and communication facilities that may be necessary will readily be availed to them.

Leadership priorities

Thehead nurse shall be in charge of the delegation and will liaise withthe leader of the mission in the target area. The priority will liein ensuring that all the nurses in the team are adhering to thevarious stipulations that are laid down during the planning phase, soas to ensure that there are no problems experienced during theexercise (Engel, Needham, Morris, &amp Gropper, 2013). The headnurse will also ensure that he has all the information regarding thegeneral state of the said disease in the targeted area so as to beable to take actions that will be of importance as far as protectingthe health of those below him is concerned. The nurse will alsoensure that all the supplies necessary for the activity are provided,and the crew is ready to depart for the area of the target.

Major stakeholders within the health care system that would be affected by the mobilization plan

Thehospital management will need to be aware of the views provided inthe plan. The reason behind such is that the facility is the one incharge with the provision of human resources and other essentialitems that may be needed for the exercise (Hallmark, Mechan, &ampShores, 2015). It is, therefore, necessary for the management toensure that all the outlined activities in the pan are in line withthe mission and vision of the organization.

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Thehealth department of the country where the activity will take placewill need to be aware of the said plan so as to establish whether itis bound to benefit its citizens. The health facility will,therefore, need to carry out thorough consultations with such anentity to ensure that its activities are in line with the requiredstipulations of the host country and does not result in any form offriction with them.

TheWorld Health Organization (WHO) will also need to be aware of theprovisions laid down in the plan. The reason behind such a situationis that the agency normally draws the required procedures that needto be followed during a response to a given health problem in acertain area.

Thenurses who will take part in the exercise will also need to bebriefed about the exercise so as to prepare them accordingly tohandle the various activities that will be needed for the exercise.

Itwill also be important to inform the departments of health and humanservices of both the state and the nation about the plan so that theygo through it and ensure that it meets the minimum standards thatwarrant the export of charitable services to other areas.

How the mobilization effort will impact staffing patterns and nursing care at the hospital

Themobilization effort is bound to have an effect on the staffingpatterns and nursing care at the hospital. One of the ways throughwhich such will be realized is through the reduction in the number ofpersonnel who will be available to conduct various activities at thefacility. As a result, there is a high chance that the personnel whowill remain behind will have a huge backlog to deal with. Such asituation could greatly hamper the proper and efficient delivery ofhigh-quality services by the remaining personnel (Grossman, &ampValiga, 2013). I would, therefore, be highly advisable for thehospital management to come up with actions that will have a highrate of success for the entity. One of them could be throughcontracting part-time health personnel on a temporary basis to fillin on the ones who have left for the activity in Africa until such atime that they will have returned and in a position to resume withtheir various activities. Such a process will help ensure that it hastaken into full consideration the needs of the clients who normallyvisit the health facility.

Medical mission team’s structure of mission team

Themission of the medical team will be to eradicate Ebola in the saidAfrican nation. The leader of the team shall be the head nurse. Heshall have three assistant nurses. The first assistant nurse will bein charge of quarantining.The second shall be in charge of outbreak investigation, and thethird one shall be in charge of follow-up.Each assistant nurse shall have four juniors. Two of the nurses shallbe in charge of maintaining records. Two nurses will be in charge ofsupplies.

Head nurse

Two nurses in charge of supplies

Two nurse in charge of health records

Assistant nurse in charge of follow-up

Assistant nurse- In charge of outbreak investigation

Assistant nurse- In-charge of quarantining

Four junior nurses

Four junior nurses

Four junior nurses

Figure1.0 organizational structure for the team of nurses

How organizational structure empowers team members

Organizationalstructure empowers team members through providing them with theirspecific roles, thereby, ensuring that there is no conflict ofresponsibilities (Castro et al., 2015). Each team member is,therefore, able to stick to an activity that is well conversant with,thereby, realizing high-level results.

Instances of how team members will have power

Forinstance, the assistant nurse in charge of outbreak investigation mayhave the power to delegate the various activities that are involvedin the investigation in such a way that they are able to bring outthe desired outcomes. The Assistant Nurse in charge of quarantiningwill also not clash with others as he will ensure that all suspectpatients are well motored before they are released.

Key actions needed to assure quality of care and safety for mission patients and personnel

Personnelneed to be passed through some form of light training so as to ensurethat they acquire the relevant skills that will be of importance insustaining both their health and that of the patients who are undertheir care (Castro, Turcinovic, Platz, &amp Law, 2015). They mayneed prophylaxis against some health problems such as tropicaldiseases, so as to prevent a case whereby they could contract otherhealth problems.

Potential power issues that may arise when dealing with a multinational contingent

Theremay be a clash of duties, especially when dealing with othermultinational non-governmental organizations in the affected areas,thereby, hampering the process of proper delivery of the necessaryobjectives.

Interactions with health care personnel from other countries

Thestaff shall need to put the staff from other countries intoconsideration in a bid to ensure that they interact with them in amanner that shows complete value and responsiveness towards thedifferent activities that they conduct.

Potentialmulticultural and diversity issues that mission personnel mayencounter

Someof the people in the targeted areas may have cultures that do notbelieve in conventional medicine and, therefore, hamper the processof proper delivery of activities.

Considerthat the indigenous population may be hostile to treatment

Someof the local community members may be hostile to the team (Hallmarket al., 2015). It will, therefore, be necessary for the team to takeactions that will ensure that it is able to interact with them well.

Possibletraining requirements to improve cultural competencies of thepersonnel

Thestaff may be trained on the cultures of different people found in theareas targeted so as to ensure that they can integrate with themaccordingly (Hallmark et al., 2015). They may also need to be trainedon how to handle high-risk patients so as to minimize the chances ofinfections.


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