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Mobilization Plan Sample Essay

Mobilization Plan Sample Essay

Abortion Should Be Banned

Abortion is medical process of ending pregnancy. In this article, the writer would like to show that abortion is the worst way because there is some factors that can be considered to someone who will do abortion. Moreover the writer agree that abortion should be banned or it should be illegal. In some countries such as in: USA, China, Canada, Denmark, Australia and etc, abortion become legal. Abortion may be a best way for some people who are their fetus are not growing well

But, that case is rarely happen. However pregnant woman can consume vitamin or drugs during they pregnant in order to their fetus can grow well and health. Every year the birth rate in the world increases. As a result, abortion may be the way to reduce it. It will be better if the country have a balance population. This means that the less population in a country the more chance to be a prosperous country. However, there is another way to reduce the birth rate besides doing abortion.

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Using family planning is a solution for reducing birth rate, moreover to be a prosperous country is not only depend on how much the population it is, but the way how the government led economic system. People who do abortion is usually because of the free sex and pregnancy that happen to poor people who still having many children. It also can be a good way for them to do abortion because someone who still not be ready to have child especially because of economical factor, they won’t be a good parents.

The important thing to grow up the children is having a good economical so that the life needs of children can be fulfilled. However, another way to prevent from pregnancy is using contraception. It also reduce the population moreover someone who already pregnant and they still not be ready because of economical factor, it better if they do not abortion because the government still helping such as give job field and give subsidy to poor people. Abortion should be illegal because it have big risks for women health.

Brian Clowes ph. d pointed out that abortion give many deadly diseases such s: the damage of cervical laceration which will give an effect to the next baby, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer due to an imbalance estrogen in women, and not able to have child again, not only that abortion can give high risk of the death. Siswanto in his article said that 11% of people who doing abortion die because of bleeding. It can be consideration for women who are going to do abortion. They should think smart and also regard the safety. Having children is a desire for every woman, almost woman in this world have children.

But there still some of people who cannot have a child, we can imagine that someone who pregnant and they will doing abortion. That is such an unmoral thing. Abortion is same as criminal or murder innocent child because the fetus is going to be a baby who will be alive. So that it same as murder a mortal. Another effect of doing abortion is not only in physical. It is possible someone who do abortion get psychological problem. As the article entitled “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome” wrote that about 50% women get psychological problem or emotional trauma.

Post abortion syndrome is not always happen in the same time, some may happen immediately and another may happen later. Post abortion syndrome have symptoms such as feeling guilty. Someone who did abortion may feel she has already done a violence because she killed an unborn child. The fact told that women who felt like this will experience unhappy events that have occurred since the abortion. Besides, feeling anxiety is one of the post abortion. Someone who do abortion will unconsciously to avoid anything having to do with babies.

She doesn’t want to showering babies and skip the things that have related with baby. Another feeling that may appear to women who do abortion is feeling depression. They will be in a sad mood because of feeling melancholy. Uncontrollable crying may also happen because of abortion is such a mystery in her life. Most of someone who do abortion will feel less of motivation, there will a difference feeling before doing abortion and after doing abortion. Some of them cannot accept the difference in her life after doing abortion.

In a study done by the Elliot Institute about 33% of post abortion stress syndrome make some women suicide, because they are in very depression feeling then she would rather die than go on. Finally, abortion can be a good way for someone who is really have problem with her fetus. Moreover, it also can be a worst way because there are some factor that may happen after doing abortion. That’s all point can be considered for someone who will do abortion. They should think smart before do abortion because everything that happened cannot be changed.

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Mobilization Plan Sample Essay
Should Abortion Be Illegal or Legal

Whether or not abortion should be illegal or not is a very controversial issue. Abortion is a very personal matter and people have many different opinions about it. Reasons for or against an abortion could be rape, money issues, religious views, and or young motherhood. An argument for the prolife side would be that life begins at conception. With that being said some people would consider it murder and an act of taking a life if abortion was chosen.

On the contrary to that point would be that almost all abortions happen in the first trimester, when the fetus can’t exist and isn’t alive yet

Most women (88 percent) who get an abortion have it done in the first trimester. Some people would consider abortion a safe medical procedure. Studies have shown that there’s only a 0. 5 percent risk of any serious medical complications as well as any problems with future pregnancy. Some people would argue against that saying that having an abortion would cause depression and stress.

Also it’s been said that having an abortion would lead to a greater risk of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease. For the cases of rape and incest, there’s the 72 hour pill that can be taken or other medical care that can be taken to ensure no pregnancy will happen. Some teenager’s though can’t get their hands on the pill because you have to be eighteen or older to get it. Most teens wouldn’t have been financially prepared for a child or be able to get their hands on contraceptives.

People with religious views can be against abortion and argue that a child is god’s gift and shouldn’t be tampered with. Tampering with “A creation of God” would lead to unwanted memories. To argue with that statement, some people don’t believe in God and don’t have any religious views. Therefore, tampering with “God’s gift” by getting an abortion can’t be proven cause there’s no scientific evidence of a God. Another against abortion argument could also be that if abortion is illegal that means there would be more “back alley” abortions.

Mobilization Plan Sample Essay Back alley abortions can kill the mother or cause plenty complications. The contrary to that point would be that there’s plenty of other ways to get rid of your baby. Also, people think abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control. It’s said to be better for society to have babies aborted instead of having them be raised poor, where the child will suffer and be put through problems, and do crimes. There are many couples in the world who want to adopt a child, and have been waiting for years.

Those children who are adopted have a chance to do good in life and succeed. In conclusion, there are many different viewpoints on whether abortion should be legal or illegal. Some people think that it’s a woman’s body, and nobody should be able to tell her what to do with her baby. While others think that having an abortion is murder no matter what the circumstances are. One thing is for sure though, not everyone will agree on a decision one-hundred percent.

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