NSG421 Simulation

NSG421 Simulation


The nursing profession is rapidly transforming to keep up with the advancement, changes, and challenges in the health care industry. Nurses are front line as caregivers, ensuring that they provide effective patient care. Most often, they do experience the impact of change regarding the best practice more immediately than other health care professionals (McGonigle, & Mastrian,2021). Nursing informatics refers to a field in a nursing professional that integrates information science and nursing computer to assists in the development and maintenance of medical systems and data to support the nursing practice and enhance patient care outcomes.

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Explanation of nursing informatics

Nurses require to have information for them to provide effective and safe patient care. They need to have access to patient histories such as medication history, imaging results, medication list, and the interdisciplinary team note to have a complete picture of the patient’s medical status (Saputra et al., 2020). Nurses interpret and apply the provided information to assist them in the decision-making process concerning the patient doer to enhance patient care outcomes.

Nursing informatics plays a vital role in the continuous imp[orvement and development of health care technology. Communication is considered one of the most important elements of patient safety. Nursing informaticists have contributed to the improvement and development of technology such as computerized provider ordering and electronic medical records that have created a great impact in the medical field in the reduction of medication errors, health care costs, and patient care delays.

Nursing informatic History

The history of nursing information can be traced back to the period when the health care institution started using computers in the management and storing of patient information in large amounts. Nursing informatics was established in 1950, and its impact had a positive effect on the nursing profession. In 1960, it was first used by the French, and the term that was used was the Informatique medical that played a role in describing healthcare informatics. Nursing informatics was adopted and became an official subdivision of health care information during the 1980s (, 2021). In the unites states of America, the Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing (CARING) is an organization of nurses that is more focused on advancing information technology in the healthcare system. It was formulated in 1982, and later there was the establishment of the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) was founded in 1992, and it was later merged in 2010 with CARING. The first nursing informatics journal was published in 1983. The journal name was the computer in nursing. However, it was later renamed to CIN: COMPUTER, informatics, nursing in 2002.

Integration into the nursing informatics

With rapid development and advancement in the nursing profession, nursing informatics needs to be integrated to enhance patient safety outcomes. Nursing information has been integrated into the prevention of medication errors by adopting Computerized Provider Order Entry that plays an important role in preventing medication errors among the patient. The adoption of COEP ensures that the physician can send the physician’s note from one department to another without moving. Therefore, helping prevent medication errors since the computer front can be read and prevent the note from being lost or delayed. Nursing information has also been integrated into the electronic medical record (EMRs) play an important role in creating, storing, gathering, and managing patients’ information in the health care organization. The EMRs provide many benefits to the clinician practice, physician, nurses, and the health care organization. It also facilitates workflow and enhances the quality of patient safety and outcome.

Benefits of nursing informatics to the organization and Patient Care

The integration of nursing informatics in the health care organization has contributed to great benefits in the health care sector. Nursing informatics plays an important role in influencing the systems in the health care organization. Nursing informatics specialty spends most of their time developing and implementing computerized patients information systems, concerning the clinical knowledge and experience. Therefore, making them a connection between the technical and the clinical communities. Nursing informatics facilitates the leverage of evidence-based practices. It assists most health care professionals in applying their knowledge and experience that play an important role in enhancing patient care (Elsayed et al., 2017). Nursing informatics provides an opportunity for researching clinical nursing practices that are outside their own experience. Assists finding evidence that plays a vital role in which clinical practice is effective concerning the patient’s condition. Nursing informatics plays an important role in enhancing patient safety, care, and outcome. Nursing informatics focuses on patient care, enhancing patient outcomes care, and safety.


The advancement of technology has played a vital role that has led to the adoption of nursing informatic in most healthcare institutions worldwide. The integration of Nursing information has contributed to a lot of transformation and changes in the health care system. Therefore, contributing to the improvement of patient care, safety, care, and outcome. Nursing informatics has also contributed to the reduction of medication errors and also enhancing the gathering, retrieving, and storing of patient information.


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NSG421 Simulation

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