Nursing Essay Effect of Sleep on Health and Well-being

Nursing Essay Effect of Sleep on Health and Well-being

In this essay, will be assessing what magnitude sleep has on our day to day well-being. Sleep is one of the essential requirements for the human body to function accurately. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the wellness of our physical health as well as our mental health. Studies have shown that a balanced sleep pattern is essential and may help to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the lifespan and also increase life expectancy. Furthermore, not only does it support and keep a healthy mind and body, but it can also prevent diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and mental health illness (such as depression and anxiety); Maintaining the longevity of health.

Nursing Essay Effect of Sleep on Health and Well-being
Nursing Essay Effect of Sleep on Health and Well-being

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As mentioned, physical health will be affected because of lack of sleep, to develop on this point, there will be more likely to fall in Microsleep can also inevitably end up in the day. Throughout these episodes, then really will usually fall asleep like that for a few seconds or minutes without realising it. Microsleep is out of control and can be extremely dangerous when driving. However, it could also make it more prone to injury due to trips and falls (National Sleep Foundation, 2019). Less able to function in day-to-day life increases the chances of having accidents and being more accident-prone. Makes a liability at work, making a safeguarding risk because not only are at risk of harming others. Physical level lack of sleep affects the body because they are less likely to be able to dissolve fat-causing diseases like obesity and diabetes, making it more common in people who cannot sleep (What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Microsleep, 2019). There are other physical elements which we can see in people who have a lack of sleep; another one is they have a lack of a need to maintain their physical hygiene. For instance, sleep is essential to ensure it functions correctly; however, chronic insomnia can disrupt the rest of the body generally receives data (NHS, 2018).

A healthy sleep pattern correlates with mental health; having a poor sleep can harm the mental state. Lack of sleep can lead to worries and maybe cause psychotic episodes by triggering mania or psychosis because of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep is a substantial impact on a life by isolating as may feel tired to socialise or see friends (mind, 2013). The mood ends up in is usually said to depend primarily on the type of bed that has been. In itself, this is evidence of the significance of sleep in our life. Our brain lastly receives its part of the remainder while resting .and it also receives plenty of moment to renew from all the strain and tears throughout the day.

Furthermore, once we sleep, the body is in its operating condition, because that is the moment when it promotes our body’s proper functioning and physical characteristics. Many occasions have ever had a headache. May the cause be have slept for some moment and discovered the pain to have disappeared? The Impact on mind and body of a sound sleep session (Sleep Matters: The Impact Of Sleep On Health And Wellbeing, 2018). For grown-ups and people who go to work, sleep is not only important, but it is also very vital for daily functions. For young babies and children in their early development years, studies have suggested that proper sleep could improve theirs for mental and physical growth (Healthline , 2009). Life expectancy is affected by lack of sleep as stated in starting the paragraph.” it said that sleeping less than six hours a night makes 12% more likely to die prematurely than someone who sleeps ups to eight hours” (Cappuccio, 2010). The Nursing times did this research analysed the relationship between sleeping patterns and life expectancy? It appeared to have a reasonable link that sleep has plausible links to general health indicator between the length of sleep, the premature death of all leads. It has multiple strengths, one of which is that its review Techniques have would be described. This study showed how various individuals might have a distinct quantity of sleep, depending on age, lifestyle, diet and climate (NT Contributor, 2019).

Inclusion Sleep is a vital component of our life, but many of us ignore it. We rarely get enough hours of rest in a hectic life, not to mention its value, and the implications may not even realise. Lack of sleep reduces metabolism and increase the chances of gaining weight. Furthermore, sleep Impacts well-being because it has shown to correlate with mental health lack of rest have shown like abilities to trigger psychosis or bipolar. Also, the cognitive ability would be declining as rest is vital because involved in memory acquisition, maintenance and retrieval, as well as memory consolidation. Subsequently, sleep deprivation has been shown to affect both working memory and long-term memory processes. Sleep deprivation would harm social abilities because it may feel lonely and isolated because mentally drained due to physical exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Rest is a source of energy for the body.

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