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Nursing Essay Influential Factors on Quality of Life

Nursing Essay Influential Factors on Quality of Life, Aging can be referred to as the life pattern which occurs as the individual grows older.  Aging is a situation which occurs in every person, which is not evitable as long as one is a living being.  Nonetheless, aging can also be explained as the global phenomena which are mainly due to the decline infertility as well as mortality rates.  Moreover, from the study conducted by the world health organization, aging in Zealand can also be dictated upon a certain age gap, that is 55 and 75 years.  Therefore, the study seeks to close check the various factors which affect the quality of life for the elderly in Zealand.  Quality of life on the aging process can be dictated upon both the complex as well as a multidimensional process. Additionally, quality of life is also dictated by gender, professional status as well as gender (Wright‐St Clair et al., 2017). Moreover, quality of life is referred to as the individual thoughts upon the life position under the context of culture as well as the value systems, through the relation upon their standards, expectations and individual concern. The study shall, therefore, present the four main factors which affect the elderly quality of life in Zealand.

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As earlier stated, the aging process is inevitable unto each human being. The process begins during birth and continues up until our demise from the earth.  This means the action is a natural process; therefore it’s not a pejorative phenomenon.  However much we have dictated that the process is inevitable, the process is not similar and equal to each person.  This is because the process is dictated and influenced by various factors which are presented forthwith. The factors thus dictate the manner through which an aged person shall live his/her life at the older days of the life stage (Davey et al., 2004). The four factors include Social factors, psychological factors, economic factors as well as environmental factors. The study shall, therefore, offer an explanation of the stated four factors which affect aging.

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Social Factors of Aging and Their Influence

In general, with the issue about aging, individual aspect of undertaking several roles declines to an extent in various individuals. Thus, the old age is seen to be accompanied by the change of roles. High numbers of persons thus expect the transformation on the occupation, community roles as well as in the family roles. Moreover, the social and psychological issues intertwine for elderly persons. Therefore, according to the WHO report, the social problems facing the aged include the loneliness more so when a couple loses one of their counterpart or a closer friend.  Additionally, the inability to manage their own activities influences their socialness through difficulties in the management of their own activities (Group, W. H. O. Q. O. L. 1994). Similarly, a difficulty of coping up with their physical changes is also an issue which affects the aged. Lastly, socialness is also affected by the issue about the frustrations brought about by the medical and health problems which are always accompanied by a high level of medication.  Therefore, the elderly require a high level of attention to aid in coping up with the social factors affecting them.

Psychological Factors Influencing Quality Of Life

Psychological factors are always associated with the wellbeing as well as the autonomy of the aged.  This indicates that this factor is associated with holistic approach upon the influence for the elderly towards their psychological health.  Thus, the four main conditions which influence the quality of life upon the elderly include the following;

In the first place, the acute confusion state popularly indicated as delirium is set to occur over a certain duration of time or even a day. The state is accompanied by acute physical illness. Additionally, the alertness rate also fluctuates, where it’s always worse at night hours. The action brings on the state of fear and aggressive (Whoqol, 1995). Secondly, depression is also an influence under psychological factors. This is accompanied by the abnormal lowering of the mood which may develop over a certain period of time. Moreover, the level of concentration is lower where suicidal moods are recurrent on the mind of the aged. Last but not least, the aged female might experience paraphrenia which is not accepted universally. The aged might assert that there are plans to eliminate them. Lastly, the aged experience dementia, which is a condition associated with the permanent decline or the irredeemable condition of impairment (Davey et al., 2004).  The action is associated with vascular dementia, Alzheimer disease or vascular dementia. 

Economic Factors Influencing the Elderly

Economic status entails various key factors far apart from just an income.  This includes financial security as well as social status and the social class.  Poverty, on the other hand, entails the quality of the life attributes which are indicated as the physical as well as the psychosocial stressors among the elderly.  In New Zealand, the high number of the elderly do not work hence they have few options of getting an income. The action opens up for the elderly to rely only upon social security as the only source of their income upon their retirement period. Lack of money can also be a predisposing factor for various health problems due as a result of depression and stress (Hayman et al., 2012). Furthermore, economic problems pave the way for the malnutrition problems, where women are likely to suffer at a higher figure.

Environmental Factors Influencing the Quality Of Life for the Elderly

The environment can be considered as the cradle home for the aged or human being. This means that the high number of elderly person requires ample and cool environment where they can retire peacefully after several decades of working in various areas. There are several factors which influence the quality of life for the elderly. First, security is the common factor which should be considered. Ample security will satisfy both the mind and soul of the aged. Simply because of domesticating animals which might be a source of income. Theft cases have been seen to trigger stress and depression among the aging population.  Secondly, the climatic condition of the environment is also an issue to consider. Cold weather always affects the aged in a negative manner. Simply because it’s always seen as the predisposing factor to various diseases such as arthritis (Hayman et al., 2012).  Additionally, hot weather might affect the growth pattern of the crops as well as the animal forage. Thus, the climate should suit some of the basic necessity of the aged. 

Part B

Three Positive Life Experiences of the Older Adult from a Holistic View Point

Aging gracefully is the most admired action upon various individuals. But how does one feel to get old?  To some, the action can be received with a warm heart while upon various individuals, it’s accompanied with loneliness. the most significant point to note is that aging can’t be considered as a solo sport and that is the thing that we can term as the inspiration in aging. Anyway, we can likewise characterize positive aging as the procedure unto which we consider this procedure as that of keeping up an inspirational frame of mind feeling positive about yourself being fit and healthy just as connecting completely unto the life as aging infringes Davey et al. 2004.. 

Holistic entails the high number of definitions. Its, therefore, dictated as being educated, spiritual or rather woo-woo. At this scenario holistic can be considered as the wise life, where one has to look and live a life which shall be more lucrative.  Through the holistic approach, this refers to the body, soul, and mind. Therefore, older adults from a holistic perspective can live a positive life through experiences. This is through the following holistic viewpoint which can be applied bt the older adults for positive life experience.

Love Life

In the first place, the elderly regardless of their age, they are expected to love their life.  Simply because if they love their life, life shall also automatically love them back.  This shall be implemented through loving all the people, animals as well as the cool things in their life.

Eat Clean

Secondly, Elderly people should be reminded often that their body is their vehicle. To live a positive life on a holistic perspective, the body relies on organic and clean foods. Moreover, to nourish their body, they should flush out all the toxins through consuming green tea, taking lots of fruits, drinking lots of water, eating vegetables as well as nuts for a couple of days per month (Hayman et al., 2012).  Through the application of a proper diet, the elderly shall be in the position of experiencing a positive life.

Energy Recycling

Third, the elderly have to close check and consider how they affect the people around them. This is through sharing their wisdom with the persons around them. This indicates that through passing the wisdom to the younger generation, the energy is recycled. Therefore, the history of the community is handed over to the young generation, to ensure the society is always confined to its societal norms (Davey et al., 2004). Through energy recycling, the view of death is also lost and thus becomes less threatening amongst the elderly. Therefore, the aged should be on the front line to advocate for holistic perspective since its one way of ensuring they exercise the quality of life fully.


Conclusively, from the essay, it’s quite clear that elders require quality life. To keep them in the circle, the presentation has exhausted the points by presenting the essay through the sub-topics which entails various ways and means of ensuring the aged have received the quality of life as per their expectation. The presentation is thus relevant to the high number of scholars under the field of psychology as well as advocating for higher study in the future to seal the gaps regarding the elderly at Aotearoa/ New Zealand.


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Nursing Essay Influential Factors on Quality of Life

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