Organizational Behavior Forces Executive Summary Essay

Organizational Behavior Forces Executive Summary

The impact of internal and external forces varies within the organizations that are associated with Team D members. Each team member has identified the differences of restructuring, organizational mission, fiscal policies, competition, economy, customer demands and globalization. These are the four organizations compared in this summary: 1. Department of Taxation for the State of Nevada collects 19 different taxes totaling around four billion dollars a year, which goes into the state’s general fund.

Once the funds are in the general fund it is distributed to fund other state departments, programs, and help make the state function

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2. Department of the United States Air Force is a branch of the military. 3. Group Health Cooperative is a health care organization that has 26 family practice clinics here in the Northwest. This organization is an insurance company and also delivers health care to patients. The organization has specialties center scattered in the Northwest. 4. Lip Prints is a fairly new company. They sell uniquely hand designed drinking glasses online and will be expanding soon.

Lip Prints donates 50% of the profits toward activities for children with different forms of mental retardation. Restructuring * Department of Taxation does not often do restructuring. New policies and procedures will drive changes within each section of the department. * US Air Force does not do restructuring unless there are new laws or executive orders, which would require the service to restructure. * Group Health restructures to stay viable in the market. The organization recently adopted a patient center way to deliver care and adopted lean methodology. Organizational Mission To provide a fair and efficient way to both enforce compliance and educate and serve taxpayers for the state. The customers are the taxpayers. The demand is to provide education and the most convenient options for the taxpayer to both collect and remit taxes. * To protect human health and the environment by ensuring full compliance with state and federal environmental laws. * The organization is a consumer governed organization whose mission is to design, finance, and deliver high quality care. Fiscal Policies * Part of the State of Nevada’s fiscal policy is taking part in what is known as streamline sales tax.

This is an alliance between several states where taxes are collected by other states and remitted to the state for items such as Internet purchases where sales tax may not have been collected or other similar sales. This helps to bring in more revenue than just the in state taxpayers. * The US Air Force fiscal policy is to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient manner to accomplish the mission. * Group Health’s fiscal policy is to make sure insurance is affordable so the company can continue to grow, decrease our expenses while delivering high quality care.

The Medical Home Model is to manage the patient’s health, keep the patients out of the hospital so we can keep our costs down. Competition * The state’s competition would be tourists going to other states. Nevada relies largely on tourism and the casinos to bring in taxes. * The US Air Force has no competition in the business sense of the word. The Federal or state environmental regulators could issue fines to the Air Force if they are not in compliant with the laws. * The competition in the health care insurance is fierce.

The organization wants customers to choose the health care plans because the company has the best health outcomes and price of the health plans stay competitive. * The competition is fierce within the industry. The company must be focused on the strategic plan. The company must be prepared in advance to stun the competitors and customers with new everlasting trends. Economy * The economy plays a big role for the Taxation Department. If the economy is down, tourists will not come to visit the state of Nevada and this means less revenue. * The economy has hurt all aspects of the Air Force.

This branch of the service is forced to reduce their supplies and resources. * When companies close or are forced to lay staff off- they loss their health insurance. We than loss enrollment. Customer Demands * Group Health is about the patient’s needs, and what the patient wants in service. The organization must meet their needs for service and quality health care. Globalization * The State of Nevada takes part through US government funding for certain programs. * Globalization has not affected the Air Force. However, with the increased awareness of global climate change, the Air Force has become more stringent on air quality. Globalization is not an area where Group Health wants to go. The organization focuses on the NW and their partnerships. * Globalization has allowed the organization to meet new customers from around the world. Also globalization gives the organization the opportunity to see how it can be competitive in other countries to increase knowledge, profits, and customers. Many differences within the organizations exist from the State of Nevada Taxation Department, a nonprofit health care company, a branch of the military and a hand designed glass maker. External and internal forces affect every type of organization.

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