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Our discussions are an opportunity to have thoughtful discussions about a given topic.

Our discussions are an opportunity to have thoughtful discussions about a given topic. The questions raised will be general in nature and ask you to think deeply. In each discussion forum, you will be required to give a thoughtful and comprehensive response of at least five to eight sentences that are reflective and well-written, as well as respond to at least two other people.



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            The most complex project that I have been involved in was the creation of a manual for documenting the process for data claims entry. The project also involved documenting and filing materials, and they were scattered across various resource files. The complexity of the project was evidenced by the lack of straightforwardness, comprehensiveness, and simplicity. From the beginning, I knew this was going to be a complex project considering its structure as it was difficult to break down. For example, the breakdown structure was difficult to map, and the process involved the map increasing exponentially. We ended up becaming overwhelmed by the amount of research required.

            To handle the project, the tasks to be accomplished were broken down into four sections, and each section was assigned to one person. One person was also selected to be the chief editor to ensure we are on track, as well as motivated. Mapping, documenting, writing, and analyzing were the main tasks, and we rotated them to ensure consistency, while hammering out policy interpretations and differences. Accordingly, the sub-tasks involved comprise editing and scattering document files. Lastly, the project’s package were made up of the entire 200+ page manual that was ready after three months of working on it. The package was also created as a web-based document for easy researching, browsing, and implementing. It is evident that the path was critical, and we did not have prior experience of how we were to handle the entire project. Luckily, we had an excellent project manager who had worked…

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