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Pain & Pain Management

Discuss the relationship that pain and other factors can have on a person’s ability to mobilize independently.


Pain and Pain Management

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Pain in the body usually occurs due to tissue damage, hence resulting in an unpleasant emotional and physical experience for the patient. Pain tends to occur when a signal moves from the nerve fibers to the patient’s brain. The transfer of these signals allows the patient to react and stop any further tissue damage from happening, therefore, resulting in the need for pain management and other precautionary measures. Pain tends to have adverse effects on the psychomotor ability of any individual experiencing physical problems. A patient’s pain can fall into three categories (Posternak et al., 2016). The first kind is the nociceptive pain that happens as a result of tissue damage from an external factor. The second kind is the nociceptive inflammatory pain, which is a pain that occurs when a part of the body swells up. The last kind is neuropathic, which results from having a neurological disease that inadvertently damages the individual’s nerve tissues. The pain an individual experiences tends to limit their everyday movements, depending on the intensity. Therefore, the physician must understand the category and level of pain the patient is in before offering any pain management options. The levels of pain fall into three main groups. The first being mild pain, which is categorized by pain that causes a little interference with the patient’s day to day activities. This level of pain could be described as nagging, uncomfortable, and annoying. The second level of pain is the moderate kind, which interferes with the individual’s activities significantly but does not completely incapacitate the patient. While the individual may need some assistance to do some things, it still allows the patient to operate and mobilize independently (Horgas, 2017). The

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