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Patient Comfort During Genital Exams

After viewing the Bickley video, explain how you will be most successful in approaching genital exams with patients in a way that will keep your patient and yourself comfortable.

Note I will upload the transcript of the video.


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Patient Comfort During Genital Exams

A visit to the doctor for any random check-up is something that many patients do not look forward to. Besides, it becomes worse when an individual has an appointment with their gynecologist. Most of the patients are embarrassed and anxious, since they have the perception that their genitalia are their most private thing. As a healthcare professional, one must ensure that they are able to create a comfortable environment for both the patient and themselves. This can be done by utilizing the five fundamentals of patient communication that includes acknowledgment, introduction, duration, explanation, and gratitude (McBain, Pullon & Garrett, et al., 2016). As stated in the video, men and women have different perceptions when it comes to their visit to a gynecologist. For men, the process is quite sensitive since they are examined in uncomfortable places. On the other hand, women tend to have an open mind when it comes to an examination of their genitalia. Therefore, it is essential as a physician that I encourage open communication with the patient. The first step when a patient enters the examination room is to be attentive and positively welcoming them. Introducing myself by my names, roles, and skills set will assist in creating an atmosphere where the patient will trust me. Thus, the patient will feel that they are in safe hands since they are being examined by a professional (Kee, Khoo & Lim et al., 2018). Third, I must explain to the patient the time the entire examination…

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