PICO Nursing Research Topics

PICO Nursing Research Topics

PICO Nursing Research Topics
PICO Nursing Research Topics

PICO Nursing Research Topics

  1. Is using toys as distractions during giving needle vaccinations to toddlers an effective pain response management? 
  2. Do pain diaries work in pain management for cancer patients?
  3. Is the use of anti-bacterial foam dispensers a healthy choice for the nurses?
  4. Do bedside shift reports help in the overall patient care for nurses?
  5. Is the lithotomy position an ideal position for giving birth for women in labor? 
  6. Is cup feeding an infant is better than feeding through tubes in a NICU set up?
  7. Does raising the head of the bed of a mechanically ventilated patient reduce the chances of pneumonia? 
  8. Is home visitation a better way of dealing with teen pregnancy when compared to regular school visits in rural areas?
  9. What is the result of a higher amount of potassium intake amongst children with low blood pressure?
  10. Is spironolactone a better drug for reducing the blood pressure of teenagers when compared to clonidine?
  11. What are the health outcomes of having a high amount of potassium for adults over the age of 21 years?
  12. Do workout routines actually help patients who are suffering from hypertension?
  13. Does the intervention of flushing the heroine via lines a more effective way of treating patients with CVLs/PICCs? 
  14. Nasal swab or nasal aspirate? Which one is more effective for children suffering from seasonal flu? 
  15. Is the use of intravenous fluid intervention a better remedy for infants under fatal conditions?
  16. What is the most effective way of cutting down the oxygen saturation levels during oxygen therapy for children suffering from urinary tract infections?
  17. What is the best way of giving oxygen during the process of oxygenation for children between 2 and 3 months old?
  18. Does controlling the amount of sublingual sugar help completely conscious children suffering from hypoglycaemia?
  19. What are the best standards of beginning and ending oxygen therapy?
  20. Is a wound vac a better alternative compared to a standard moist whilst treating an ulcer for a patient suffering from blood pressure?
  21. Is negative therapy wound pressure a better therapy when compared to a standard moist for dealing with patients over the age of 60 years?
  22. Does group therapy help patients with schizophrenia to help their conversational skills?
  23. What are the probable after effects, in the form of bruises and other injuries, of herapin injection therapy for COPD patients?
  24. Does music therapy is an effective mode of PACU pain management for patients who are slowly coming out from their anesthesia? 
  25. Is the intake of zinc pills more effective than Vitamin C for preventing cold during winter for middle-aged women? 
  26. Is skin-to-skin contact of the infant with the mother a more assured way of ensuring neonatal mortality when compared to drying and wrapping?
  27. Do non-smoking adults have any risk of oeseophagal cancer?
  28. Is vitamin K prophylaxis effective in preventing Vitamin K deficiency caused during bleeding in a neonatal?
  29. What are the roles of a pre-surgery cardiac nurse in order to prevent depression amongst patients awaiting cardiac operation?
  30. Is medical intervention a proper way of dealing with childhood obesity among school-going children?
  31. Can nurse-led presentation of mental health associated with bullying help in combating such tendencies in public schools?
  32. What are the effects of adding beta-blockers for lowering blood pressure for adult men over the age of 70 years? 
  33. Does the habit of washing hands among healthcare workers decrease the events of infections in hospitals? 
  34. Is psychological intervention for people suffering from dementia a more effective measure than giving them placebo? 
  35. What are the measurable effects of extending ICU stays and antibiotic consumption amongst children with sepsis? 
  36. How is antenatal care effective for pregnant women under the age of 20 years?
  37. Is fentanyl more effective than morphine in dealing with the pain of adults over the age of 50 years?
  38. Is new regime exercises effective in preventing fatal heart diseases among women with a family history of cardiac disorder?
  39. Are alarm sensors effective in preventing accidents in hospitals for patients over the age of 65 years?
  40. Is using continuous feed during emesis a more effective way of intervention when compared to the process of stopping the feed for a short period of time?
  41. Is the process of stopping lipids for 4 hours an effective measure of obtaining the desired TG level for patients who are about to receive TPN?
  42. What is it difficult to detect any C difficile for children below the age of 5 years?
  43. Is the syringe pump more effective than a kangaroo pump in storing breast milk for pediatric patients?
  44. What is the usefulness of an LP/spinal tap after the beginning of antivirals for a pediatric population suffering from fever?
  45. Is an annual mammogram necessary for detecting breast cancer for women over the age of 40 years?
  46. Is it necessary to test blood glucose level, 4 times a day, for a patient suffering from Type 1 diabetes? 
  47. Are oral contraceptives effective in stopping pregnancy for women above 30 years?
  48. Are oral contraceptives more likely to cause blood clotting problems for women above the age of 40 years?
  49. What are the expected outcomes of pediatric patients with MRSA?
  50. Are inline suction catheters more effective when compared to regular catheters for reducing the risk of infection?
  51. What are the uses of insuflon port in herapin therapy for pediatric population?
  52. Is the process of flushing GT with Pedialyte a healthy measure for the prevention of NA depletion? 
  53. What are the ethical considerations for providing placebo medication for a pediatric population suffering from mental health issues?
  54. Is monitoring NJT placement by aspiration is a better method for NJT placement in case of infants?
  55. What is the average bill-level to offer hyperbili amongst newborn patients? 
  56. Does the use of MDI derive better results, when compared to regular nebulizers, for pediatric patients suffering from asthma?
  57. What are the reasons for getting an infant afebrile, for an entire day, before getting a VCUG? 
  58. Is the sudden change of temperature harmful for patients who are neurologically devastated? 
  59. What is the accuracy level of oral thermometers when compared to the tympanic thermometer for the pediatric population?
  60. What are the standards of vital signs for a pediatric population?
  61. Does psychological intervention help in the increase of self-confidence amongst patients who are suffering from chronic diseases?
  62. What are the impacts of managing Prevacid before a ph probe study for pediatric patients with GERD? 
  63. Are cold packs more effective than heat packs for IV infiltrates? 
  64. Is placing a toddler in a prone situation better in preventing any air leak, considering he/she is using chest tubes?
  65. What are the impacts of using an intermittent straight catheter for children suffering from UTI? 
  66. What is the clinical relation between congenital central hypoventilation syndrome and Hirschsprung?
  67. Are there any advantages of utilizing TPA in the tubes as a thrombolytic therapy for patients with chest tubes?
  68. What is the effectiveness of RASKIN protocol for dealing with patients with migraine? 
  69. What is the significance of using three banks of lights for infants suffering from hyperbilirubinemia?
  70. Do bilirubin levels decrease faster when more banks of lights are being used for treating infants with hyperbilirubinemia? 
  71. What are the effects of IVF bolus in controlling the amount of Magnesium Sulfate for patients who are suffering from asthma? 
  72. Are ethanol locks effective in preventing catheter-based infections amongst infants?
  73. What are the consequences of vaccination amongst children when compared to adults?
  74. Is the use of infrared skin thermometers justified when compared to the tympanic thermometers for a pediatric population?
  75. What are the basic protocols of AFB culture for diagnosing patients with tuberculosis?
  76. Infants suffering from SGS normally throws-up when Imodium is being introduced. What are the alternatives to this?
  77. Is the use of modern syringes help in the reduction of needle injuries among healthcare workers in America?
  78. Is the increase in the intake of anti-depressants among 30 years and older urban women affecting their maternal health? 
  79. What is the direct connection between VAP and NGT?
  80. Is sodium bicarb absorption better done through tubes when compared to swallowing it? 
  81. Is the increase of the use of mosquito net in Uganda helped in the reduction of malaria among the infants? 
  82. Does the increase in the habit of smoking marijuana among Dutch students increase the chances of depression? 
  83. Does the increase in the intake of oral contraceptives increase the chances of breast cancer among 20-30 years old women in the UK? 
  84. Is bullying in the boarding schools of Scotland increase the chances of domestic violence in a 20 years’ time frame?
  85. Does the use of pain relief medication during the process of the surgery reduce the pain more effectively when compared to the intake of the same medicine given post-surgery? 
  86. Do breastfeeding toddlers in the urban United States decrease their chances of obesity as pre-schoolers? 
  87.  Does encouraging male work colleagues to talk about sexual harassment decrease the rate of depression in the workplace? 
  88. Does forming workgroups to discuss domestic violence among the rural population of the United States decrease stress and depression among women? 
  89. Do peer-supported intervention programs help prevent school suicide rates among female students of New York?
  90. Is yoga an effective medical therapy in the reduction of lymphedema in patients who are recovering from neck cancer?
  91. Does receiving phone tweets lower blood sugar levels for people suffering from Type 1 diabetes? 
  92. Are males over the age of 30 years who have smoked for more than 1 year exposed to greater risk of esophageal cancer when compared to the same age group of men who has no history of smoking? 
  93. Do women, between the age of 25 and 40 years, who takes regular oral contraceptives are in greater risk of blood clots when compared to the women in the same age group who avoid oral contraceptives?
  94. For women under the age of 50 years is yearly mammogram more effective in the prevention of breast cancer when compared to the mammogram done every 3 years?
  95. Are cancer patients receiving aggressive protocols involving radiation and chemotherapy more vulnerable to cachexia when compared to the patients who are not receiving those treatments?
  96. Can colon cancer be more effectively determined when colonoscopy is supported by an occult blood test when compared to colonoscopy alone?
  97. Does a regular 30 minutes exercise regime effectively reduce the chances of heart diseases in adults over 65 years?
  98. Is daily blood pressure monitoring helps in addressing the triggers of hypertension among males over 65 years?
  99. After diagnosed with blood sugar levels does a 4 times a day blood glucose monitoring process more effective in controlling the advent of Type 1 diabetes?
  100. Does prolonged exposure to chemotherapy increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases among teenagers who are suffering from cancer?
  101. Do first-time mothers giving birth to premature babies are more prone to postpartum depression when compared to second or third-time mothers with the same condition?

These are a few examples of the clinical questions which are based on the PICO parameters of population, problem, patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome. You should note that not all the question covers all the parameters of the PICO or PICOT but they most definitely define the outline of the nursing research. If you need help with designing your clinical research question or need help with your nursing assignment, then do not hesitate to contact us today!

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PICO Nursing Research Topics

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