Policy and Organizational Behavior

For this assessment, write an executive summary analyzing the financial and regulatory impact of organizational compliance with a specific core measure of your choice. The summary must include recommendations for improving performance on the measure.

You must be able to explain the financial implications associated with the measure, as well as its importance in terms of policy, regulation, and finance. This is another good opportunity to consult with a key stakeholder within the organization. Talking to someone who works closely with the organization’s finances can help you develop a deeper understanding of the financial aspects of compliance. You also need to suggest ways your organization can improve compliance and how you would implement changes and overcome obstacles.

This may seem like an enormous undertaking, but you should approach it as if you were to present this information to your supervisor or manager. Keeping in mind that people in these positions do not have time to read a 10–12-page report, you would typically give them only an executive summary of your analyses and recommendations. That means that you will need to be very clear and very concise with the information you choose to include in the executive summary. Say as much as possible with as few words as possible.

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Select a core measure and investigate your organization’s compliance rate with the measure. In your executive summary, address the following:

Compare the compliance rates of your organization with those of other organizations.
Explain why the measure is important in terms of policy, regulation, and finance.
Describe changes that could be made that would improve compliance with the measure.
Identify the stakeholders who would be affected by the changes.
Identify obstacles you would expect to encounter and explain strategies to overcome these obstacles.
Additional Requirements
Format: Include a title page and references page. As this is an executive summary, do not use APA style and formatting. To determine the appropriate format, it may be helpful for you to review the documents used in your organization. How do they look? What kind of language is used in memos? These can help guide your development of this executive summary. Certainly, feel free to use bullet points as appropriate.
Length: Write a 2–3-page (maximum) summary of your information, not including the title page and references page.
References: You must still reference scholarly resources to support your work. Use at least three current scholarly or professional resources.
Font: Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.


Core measures are legally standardized practices that guide the functioning of industries in specific sectors of the economy. In the healthcare industry, core measures can be defined as the best practices and nationally standardized procedures to promote patient care. In the United States, health centers have the obligation of reporting their compliance with the healthcare legalized core measures to the Joint Commission, Medicaid services and Medicare Centres. One of the primary core measures in the healthcare industry is immunization (Lampe et al., 2015). Purposely, this paper intends to discuss vaccination as a core measure in healthcare and the compliance rate of my organization towards the action.

My Organization’s Compliance Rate

By the year 2015, the healthcare organization had developed a plan to become the national leader in the American society in compliance with the core measure of immunization with a goal or reaching more than 90% compliance. The organization went ahead to invest more in the vaccination program which was effectively implemented through public health provision around its geographical location (Chalmers et al., 2016). In comparison with other healthcare organizations, the firm’s compliance rate toward the measure is high and encouraging.

Importance of Immunization

The measure is essential in term of policy formulation in that; it gives the healthcare organizations easy tasks of creating regulations that govern the process. It has helped in the improvement of the general health standards. Financially, immunization helps in the promotion of prevention rather than treatment of diseases. According to research findings, prevention is less costly than treatment (Lampe et al., 2015). Therefore, healthcare facilities spend fewer finances in the long run if they invest more in the identification of illnesses and creating preventive measures before they even occur.

Necessary Changes/Modifications

It must first be explained to all the affected actors and outline its benefits to both the healthcare practices and the patients to improve compliance with the measure. The core measure can also be modified to fit the cultural beliefs and practices of the target population to make it more effective and acceptable. Policies can also be formed and legalized by law that makes it compulsory for the people to be immunized (Appleby et al., 2016). Making the process patient-centered and allowing them to make a significant decision about the vaccination process also encourages support for the program which improves the compliance rate towards the core healthcare measure.

Affected Stakeholders The most affected stakeholders by the changes are the patients, medical practitioners, health organizations management and sponsors. Patients are the receivers of the vaccines and will have to adjust to the new procedures of handling health problems instead of waiting to acquire a health problem before getting treatment. The input…

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