Preliminary Capstone Proposal Essay

Preliminary Capstone Proposal Essay

Proposal on General Motors.

The target organization is General Motors. The report will carry out SWOT analysis to determine strength, weakness, opportunities, and threads that affects the operations of General Motors in the economy. It aims to integrate and application of core skills, knowledge, and attitudes to develop a plan that will handle the challenges in General Motors (Mangram 289).  Formulation of business decisions that will help to improve the performance of the General Motors will improve the competency of the company to perform well.

Access and data availability: the performance data is obtained from the organization website. The information helps to assess the organization performance and growth rate. It helps us to determine areas where performance is low due to the internal weakness (FUI 23). The data helps to evaluate possible investment opportunities in the organization on the market niche.

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Program outcome

The General Motors have incorporated technologies in the development of new facilities that enhance efficiency in service delivery. They have incorporated advanced software design technology to assist the organization develop new generation of GM vehicles all over the world (Tie and Tan 86). The proposal seeks to provide information on mechanism through which organization can capitalize on the strength and opportunities to enhance performance.

The integration of technology has led to high-level architecture in designing vehicles which meet the high stands for efficiency. Therefore, this calls for strategic plan and coordination to achieve the set objectives. General Motors has developed apprenticeship workshops aimed at provision skills to the employees on how to develop best motors in that will be used all over the world (Bayindir, Gözüküçük, and Teke 1310).

The General Motors are required execute duties in professional manner. This requires that they need to observe high ethical standards in carrying out the business. The expected time to complete the project is approximately one month.

Preliminary Capstone Proposal Essay

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