PSY540 SNHU Final Project Milestone Two: Annotated Bibliography

PSY540 SNHU Final Project Milestone Two: Annotated Bibliography

Cherry, K. (2019). Why Behaviorism Is One of Psychology’s Most Fascinating Branches. Retrieved from

The article states how Watson Behaviorism Theory can help understand the learning and decision-making process of a person. It can also assist in understanding individuals with mental disorders to achieve almost mental health through conditioning. According to Cherry, conditioning takes place by interacting with the environment, and the responses afterward help in shaping one’s actions. The article further states that only observable behaviors should be considered because moods, emotions, and cognitions are far too subjective. The internal mental state of an individual can be controlled regardless of personality traits or even genetic background. According to the author, there are two main types of conditioning, which are classical and operant conditioning. The learning process can be achieved through associations, rewards, and even punishments. The article thus provides method which a patient with mental disorders can be assisted through classical or operant conditioning. It also offers strategies to follow during the treatment process so that the patient can experience mental stability through a suitable method of conditioning.

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From the “Little Albert” experience, it was concluded that a person could get conditioned through observable stimulus-response behaviors. Considering that all actions are learned through conditioning, it is easy to understand the decision making of a person. It can also be easy to improve the mental conditions of a person. One of the limitations of this theory is that it does not rely on internal mental state and unconscious state of a person because it is not observable. Therefore, it can be hard to determine or change how a person makes a decision.  

NEMADE, R., REISS, N., & DOMBECK, M. (2016). Psychology of Depression- Psychodynamic Theories. Retrieved from

The article states how Freud’s Psychodynamic theory can help in understanding human behavior by understanding the different parts of the mind, which is the id, ego, and superego. According to the author, the brain has a vast untapped capability, and it is only a part of ego and superego which people know of. Through the theory, it can be understood how the mind of a person makes the decision, and it adopts to learning. By understanding that there is a conflict between the ego, Id, and superego as a person grows, it becomes easy to help a person have mental health because it is easy to understand how they learn and make decisions.

The article states that the childhood experiences shape the personalities of a person. These findings can be used to determine the learning and decision making process of a person. It can also be used to highlight ways which mental disorders can be controlled. The most common way to do this is by making the repressed knowledge conscious. It is because mental illness was caused by mental tension, which is generated by repression. I can thus use the findings of this theory to understand how the human mind is programmed to learn and make decisions and even understand how an individual can have mental health.

Koek, K., & Meijel, v. (2019). Decision making on (dis)continuation of long-term treatment in mental health services is an interpersonal negotiation rather than an objective process: qualitative study. Retrieved from

The research determines ways which individuals are deemed fit after undergoing psychosocial treatment of mental disorders. It also states the various ways in which clinical psychiatrists determine when a person is fit to stop getting mental health treatment. The subjects of the study provide a better understanding of how theories like the behavioral theory can be used to determine if a person is has achieved the right mental state/health.

The results state that in most cases, poor understanding of an individual’s mental capability may cause psychiatric treatment to continue, and a professional team is required to avoid this. The use of incentives and rewards can also play a key role in enhancing a patient’s mental disorders. The only challenge with the study is that the subjects of the research are given a limited time, which is not enough to understand the functionality of their brain. I would thus spend more time or have many subjects of the study to know how to improve their mental health and when to know they are fit.

Katarina G., David R., Petra S., & Ulla-Karin S. (2016) Shared decision-making in mental health care—A user perspective on decisional needs in community-based services, International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 11:1, DOI: 10.3402/qhw.v11.30563

The research project states the role of shared decision-making and how it can determine the effectiveness of mental health care for a patient. The main goal of this project is to assess the information and decision needs for patients with mental illness and how SDM can be used. Three semi-structured interviews were conducted to 22 individuals with mental illness where the data gathered was used to determine the effectiveness of this method in healing individuals with mental illness. The methods used in treating these patients is also highlighted to determine how each individual responds to it.

The results of the study found out that different individuals may respond differently when it comes to mental treatment strategies. The difference may pose a challenge for the healthcare providers in determining precisely if a patient has fully recovered or not. It is the reason why they recommend the use of shared decision-making as it determine if a person has fully recovered or not. The research thus provides a deep understanding on the use of community-based mental health services. I would use its findings to further research on the cognitive factors and the attitudinal relationship which should be taken in utilizing SDM in enhancing mental health of an individual.

PSY540 SNHU Final Project Milestone Two: Annotated Bibliography

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