Reflection on nursing philosophy

Module 6 Reflection on Nursing Philosophy

NOTE: You will create a new Word document for this Assignment instead of typing directly into this document.

• Identify future education plans
• Develop 2, 5, and 10 year career plans using SMART goal format

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Rubric –

Reflecting on the Philosophy of Nursing assignment submitted during Transition to Professional Nursing Course describe how your 2, 5, and 10 year career plan may have changed based on the future trends and opportunities identified in your chosen area of focus. Describe 2 examples that have changed in your behaviors as a result to RN-BSN program Please note that in-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RNBSN course, as points will be deducted if this information is not detailed and referenced in the document and on the reference page. Please note that your sources need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead the RN-BSN courses.


Reflection on Nursing Philosophy 

Most registered nurses are enrolling for BSN due to the many benefits such as more responsibilities, clinical development, healthcare informatics, being given supervisory roles, and even higher salaries. Besides this, a BSN has been proven as the best avenue for guaranteeing better healthcare services. With a BSN program, more nurses gain more knowledge and hence offer better quality care.

My Two-Five-Ten Year Goals Best Practice

My two-year plan was to ensure that I obtain my BSN degree from UTA by June 2019. My five-year goal is to ensure that I work in the day Surgery unit as the nurse in charge within the facility where I am currently employed. Lastly, my 10-year goal (long-term plan) is to be as healthy as possible so as I have the capacity to work as a bedside nurse (Boyd, 2018). The health status I strive to maintain is being physically, emotionally and mentally stable. I am determined to achieve my 2-year goal because so far, I have managed to balance academic, work and family life and I have managed to pass in all my units. I am on my way to achieving my five-year plan because of the confidence that my seniors have in me. I am at times entrusted with the surgery unit and I have received recommendation from the head of the unit. Since I always exercise adhere to nutritional needs, I believe I will also achieve my 10-year plan (Snyder, 2018). 

Specific Examples for Two-Five-Ten Year Goals

The RN-BSN program has instilled in me several changes that have refined my two-five-ten year goals. For example, it has taught me that it is possible to accomplish the BSN program even if one is working. This also implies that one is capable of advancing in career without necessarily taking time off at work. A BSN is also a strategic move that can make it possible for one to deliver quality healthcare to patients as a result of added skills. This is particularly important for the goal I have in five years. I also envision myself to be a master’s degree holder in five years’ time given that I will manage to complete my BSN degree in 2019 June.

The BSN program has also helped me realize that juggling between different activities is another way for engaging the brain and body and hence one remains healthy ten year later. Advancing in professional cadre is the only way that I will not only manage to fight competition on but also advance my nursing knowledge and hence provide quality healthcare services later on in my nursing career (10 year later).

Lifelong Learning for Future Trends The healthcare industry is becoming dynamic every day. New challenging illnesses are coming up just like new technological advancement in healthcare. Such advancements will need more knowledgeable and skillful healthcare professionals (Farmer et al., 2017). Even though experience plays a crucial part to promote new expertize in handling situations, lifelong learning cannot be wished away. It is important that registered nurses acquire BSN so that they not only earn higher salaries but also offer quality care and become…

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