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Required and Desired Education

Position Title: Purchasing agent

Salary: $43,885 to $57,046 annually

Required and Desired Education

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The candidate must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree course from an accredited university or college. Individuals with six months of graduate education may also be considered, but the skills acquired must directly relates to the duties of the position (USAJOBS, n.d). Also, an individual with the successful completion of one-year graduate education may apply, as long as the education acquired is directly applicable and relatable with the position. Additionally, persons pursuing these degrees should be in an accredited college or university (Cai et al., 2019).

Required and Desired Certification

For this position, there are several supporting documents and certifications needed depending on the individual applying for the position. The first of the required documents is the applicant’s most current SF-50, which applies to the individuals who are currently or were previously federal employees. Secondly, the military spouse preference documentation is required (Zsidisin et al., 2019). This includes the marriage license or certificate and the permanent change of station orders. Thirdly, the transcripts for those seeking to substitute the experience needed with their education should be availed.

Required Number of Years of Experience

For individuals who apply on the terms of their experience instead of formal education, they are required to have specialized experience in the position and must have served for at least a year in a position similar to this one (USAJOBS, n.d.). Specialized experience, in this case, refers to the experience acquired from reviewing purchasing requests, making sure the specifications for the items needed have been accurately stated (Howard, 2017). The individual should also have experience in reviewing the funding and approval documents needed for the purchases.

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