Substances Use Disorder DSM 5 Nursing Essay

Substances Use Disorder DSM 5 Nursing Essay

Substance Use Disorder is a condition that grows due to a consumption of drugs. There is differential diagnosis accompanied by drug abuse. That makes it hard to detect and determine whether the person is suffering from the symptoms of drug abuse. This difficulty occurs because there are many drugs having the same symptoms. Many of the local and cheap drugs may have the same symptoms but different diagnostic styles. If such happens, there must be extensive methods used to determine the symptoms (NSW Health, 2000). Some of these methods are very expensive and require high medical expertise. Patients may lose their life if proper attention is not given to them. Some of the common differential diagnoses of drug abuse include vomiting and headaches. This paper covers the major symptoms and diagnosis of differential diagnosis, pertinent etiology, possible treatment currently employed, long and short term prognosis of discussed illnesses, and finally the way forward as a social worker to curb such diseases and assist people suffering from such.

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Substances Use Disorder DSM 5 Nursing Essay
Substances Use Disorder DSM 5 Nursing Essay

Over the years, these symptoms have made it hard to answer the questions regarding the effects of drugs. There is a common treatment of almost all the hard drugs that exist. Out of the many people who have been diagnosed to be addicted to drugs, undergo through the same common system. One of these methods includes injecting a drug that reduces the levels of the drug from the body. Drugs change the normal functioning of the body. When drugs are used continuously over a long period, they may cause addiction. That means that one cannot do without the drugs in the body anymore. That prompts to the medical officers prescribing rehabilitation as the easy and best way for medication. Rehabilitation centers have qualified medical personnel who reduce the level of drug consumption by injecting the patients with small levels of the drug. That makes the body get used to taking less as compared to initial consumption.

Etiology discusses the causes and also the manner in which a certain defect takes place in the body. Different diseases have different ways in which they occur and affect the body. These diseases go through a process before a certain illness is named. For instance, a defect has a different name in its final stage as compared to its initial stage. That means it is easier to treat any defect before it becomes more complicated. Complication makes it hard to treat, since many of the cells associated are dead or the defect has already affected other cells. Drugs approach the body in different ways, which differ from one drug to the other. It is clear because different substances affect the body differently (Johnson & Grant, 2005). Some substances get into the body through smoking and others through direct injection. Some are taken into the body through drinking and sniffing.

Alcohol is a substance that has been used by many people. That means that many understand the drug better. When alcohol is taken to the body in excess, it impairs the way a person thinks and in turn changes one’s behavior as long as the substance is still in the body. That happens because the mind retards thus making a judgment in a less informed way. Sometimes the mind goes to a complete state of rest and a person at this point cannot comprehend what he/she is doing. That can take time until the level of alcohol in the body is high. When alcohols have a high volume concentration, they can cause liver cirrhosis. That may take place without a person realizing. One does not recognize this because it happens with just some aches felt from time to time, and there are assumptions that this is normal. When it becomes complicated as explained above, it becomes expensive and also hard to treat.

When it comes to liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism, it’s almost impossible to treat it. The only thing that can be done is to prevent it at its initial stages. When such precaution is done, the liver will not get any more damage. Some of the things like change of lifestyle also play a role to stop the destruction of the liver. The liver is one of the most fragile and delicate organs of the body. Sometimes complications for the liver also need some surgery so as to restore the condition top normal. Before any medication is taken, it is good to talk to the doctor concerning all the medications that the person  has taken (Lessa & Scanlon, 2006). Some of the medications that are employed to treat complications of the liver include antibiotics and diuretics. That happens after it has been confirmed by the physician that one have ascites. Paracentesis is used as a method to remove all the fluid buildup in the body.

There is also another defect associated with liver cirrhosis. That is the change of how the mind functions. There is a possibility of becoming insane due to the liver cirrhosis. The main reason for this is because the liver dysfunctions and thus cannot note and filter poisons that have been injected into the body and flowing in the bloodstream. The way to treat this kind of a defect is ensuring that you quite too much protein, ensure that you take lactulose as it ensures that ammonia does not concentrate in the body. These kinds of toxins contribute to the extensive damage of the disease. Many people who take concentrated alcohol have found themselves affected by either of the defects stated in the paragraph above.

A prognosis would mean the cause for a thing. Causes of a disease can also be in two different ways. There is the long-term and also causes that are shorter. The short term effect of liver cirrhosis would be aches or pinches from the liver. That would bring discomfort and also make it hard for a person to concentrate. It also causes abdominal pains. It is good to realize that the signs of the defect developing cannot be. There is so much attention needed to realize that something is happening. Lack of nearly screening may lead to the defect developing into other stages that would be impossible to control. Liver cirrhosis can even lead to the death of a patient.

Liver cirrhosis can develop to a stage that it cannot be restored, but only further damages can take place. These are part of the long-term effects that the disease can cause. It is also accompanied by lack of appetite. That might also be associated with mental disorder. That is a defect that comes when the liver cannot erase and detect toxic substances that are running in the bloodstreams. For a long time this has become uncontrolled prompting medical professionals to opt for a rehabilitation center. The worst part of it is the fact that it affects a person’s psychology. There is fear of death as the condition cannot be restored. That happens in the long term and causes other conditions that are caused by stress like ulcers (In Watkins, 2014). The effects of the condition can be massive if not controlled and most of all causes death.

As a social worker, I would recommend the patient to reduce their alcohol consumption. That is because; the abuse of this drug causes the condition. When a patient reduces or completely quits taking alcohol it is possible that his life will change. Secondly I would also wish to see such a patient reduce on protein consumption. That ensures that the patient does not give room for other related conditions in the body. The patient should ensure that they live a healthy lifestyle. That means that the patient should ensure that they don’t take any toxic substances no matter how much the traces are in the things they consume. That is because the mechanism of removing this traces in their bodies are already dead or can work at an extremely low rate.

What does not hurt does not pay, that is a common saying that is and holds a lot of weight in it. For a person suffering either from liver cirrhosis or addicted to alcohol, change of lifestyle is important. Social workers have researched and concluded that, most of these mostly abused drugged that leads to lifetime addictions are social drugs. Alongside one reducing or fully shunning away from these drugs, one opt to shun away from the company of people consuming alcohol. Mentorship is also a strength one can recommend to such people, “Metal sharpens metal and so does man sharpens another man”. The process of rehabilitation requires a lot of counseling and guidance for one to divert their mind from the urge to take a drug.

Finally, it is imperative to note that these things can change if we work on our lifestyle. Both young and old should be educated so that we can reduce the number of them that will engage in drug abuse. Experts in the field of medicine are working day in day out to try and research the best methods to counter this. For everything to work well, lots of investment is done to ensure that things change.

Substances Use Disorder DSM 5 Nursing Essay

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