The collective bargaining process includes five core steps.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
The collective bargaining process includes five core steps. Select one step in the process and discuss the following information:

Description of step
The main takeaway from this step in the process
Tip for success in this step from each side


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Collective bargaining refers to the deliberative talks that take place between employees and employers in a bid to reach an agreement on how to best regulate the working conditions in an organization (Berton, Carreri, Devicienti & Ricci, 2019). ¬†Some of the issues…

The preparation step is the first phase of the collective bargaining process. This step requires both teams, the union and the employer, to pick a representative team. The individuals assigned to this task need to be familiar with the labor laws and how they could be implemented to suit the best interests of their clients (Berton et al., 2019). After ensuring their competency, the representatives…

The main takeaway from this first step in the collective bargaining process is that the success or failure of the negotiations is dependent on the competency and professionalism of the representatives picked by the two parties (Berton et al., 2019). Selecting a strong representation team ensures that the people involved can air their views sufficiently, without the fear of being undercut by the other side, especially in the case of the workers. There are several tips for success for both parties in the preparation stage. The first tip is that it is essential to pick out reliable legal representatives (Berton et al., 2019). Secondly, each team should take time to lay out a strategic and robust argument as to why their demands should be addressed. Thirdly, each team should have mutual respect and recognition for their opponents, ensuring that…

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