The story i will be discussing is spider the artist by Nnedi okorafor .

The story i will be discussing is spider the artist by Nnedi okorafor . The social issue raised that has been raised in the story is mistreatment of the wife /female by the husband due to not being able to birth a child. The author intent in their social c

Spider the artist by Nnedi okorafor is an interesting read for any literature class. In the short story, the narrator describes the setting of the Niger delta as one full of resources such as oil. However, the resource is exploited through the pollution that runs through crops, people as well as water. The narrator takes one’s imaginative mind to a place of horror and poor living conditions of the inhabitants. Nnedi figuratively shows how resources are plundered by thieves and zombies as well as children who play near the oil pipeline. The most notable theme in the story, however, is the position of women in society. Using Eme who is the main human character, the narrator shows that women were less privileged and their position in society was never valued no matter their academic level. 
Eme’s only way of surviving the many negative ordeals that women go through is playing her father’s guitar. She seemed to have rescinded and accepted all the hostilities directed at her for being a woman. In the starting sentence in the story, the author states that Eme reports of having been bitten by the husband. Furthermore, the husband takes all his frustrations on Eme and the only option that she has is to accept and live with the frustrations. This essay will show that domestic violence is a common social issue that women have to contend with. Despite the many mitigation measures, most have failed to live up to expectations and hence universally acceptable methods are necessary.
Domestic Violence as A Rampant Social Issue
Wife Battering Statistics
Wife battering is a common practice in many countries in the world. Wife battering is violent acts such as sexual, physical assault or psychological torture against a partner. The intention of such acts may be to induce fear or inflict the sole level of pain to the subject. In the US, the National Organization for Women (NOW) reports that the number of assault cases against women by their partners is still high. In 2005 for instance, the agency reported that 1181 women were killed by their intimate partners. Furthermore, the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reported that every year, close to 4.8 intimate partner violence is mated against women. Unfortunately, most of the assault cases are rarely reported due to stigmatization. On a global scale, the statistical facts about violence against women are even more shocking. The WHO categorizes such instances of violence as part of a public health problem and a violation of human rights. The WHO reports that globally, 38% of the murders that happen to women are committed by their male partners. Furthermore, 1 in 3 women has been subjected to different forms of violence.

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