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Three Distinct Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology Essay

Three Distinct Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology Essay, Many researchers and experts see the evolution of technology from distinct angles. As a consequence, their varied views have an impact on not the whole concept of technology. While most of the perspectives vary, there are cases and points that some have agreed. There are some arguments from some authors which are similar in not just in the components but also the features as well as occurrences of technology.

In many of the theoretical discussions regarding the evolution of technology, human intervention presence is inevitable. Human intervention presence, in most cases, aims at satisfying individual needs. Innovation, in my opinion, is the rate-limiting level. However, when innovations happen, they tag along with casual comprehension of not only how the innovation works but also a casual understanding of the need to use the innovation and not the previous.

However, the innovation disseminates as the casual comprehension circulates with the innovation. Alvin Toffler, Leslie White, and Gerhard Lenski are theorists who have given their different perspectives on the relationship between technological development and the social world. This paper not only examines but also compares the theories of evolution by Alvin Toffler, Leslie White, and Gerhard Lenski.

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According to Gerhard Lenski, technology is a crucial part of the evolution of not just cultural but also social society among persons. Thus, he refers to the technology as knowledge on how to utilize the resources of a particular community or even culture in a way that not only satisfies the people’s needs but also meets their desires. In his definition, resources refer to material resources as well as human resour……

Three Distinct Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology Essay

Comparison of Three Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology Essay

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