Topic: There’s an App for That!


Your job for this discussion board is to choose a developmental period and design an app that would apply to them. It could be a game, a self-help app, a parenting resource app, etc. For your discussion thread:
• Describe your app. What is the purpose? How does it work?
• Identify the target audience for your app (i.e., who you would want to buy/download it).
• Discuss key developmental markers or characteristics for that age group (include textbook citations).
• Discuss the key developmental period or elements that this app will address, using citations from your textbook to support the need for your app.

Essentials of Psychology Textbook (Nevid, 2018)

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The developmental period is the adolescents and the identified app is the traffic app which is in a position to alert drivers that are using routes that probably has high traffic jams in order to help them avoid such areas. The app is also in a position to monitor lanes that could be probably moving faster and those that may be under police check as a result of incidents of accidents (Nevid & Gordon, 2018). The app can also be used to indicate the speed of passing cars as a way of monitoring those that may be over speeding. The app can be easily installed in one’s smartphone and be used as long as one has internet connectivity. Once a person has downloaded and installed the app, there is a prompt on the device of the screen where he/she will be required to sign in. Once there is a successful log in, a person will be asked to provide the location for which he/she needs to know the traffic. Once this information is provided, the app automatically undertakes the search in less than 10 seconds based on how strong the network coverage is. After successful search, the information is finally displayed on the screen.

The target

The adolescent group is probably one of the sensitive groups when it comes to driving. Some of them drive for fun and others innocently desire to compete and hence require smooth roads. Furthermore is not well taken care of, this group can cause many accidents. This app is meant for not only drivers but also users of public road. The target group has been identified based on the fact that the group relies heavily on the public transport system as they move from one place to another yet they are always in a hurry (Hunter, 2017). Those who go to work are always inconvenienced by traffic jams and hence such an app would be very much …

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