Unit 2 GM501: Management Theories and Practices

Unit 2 [GM501: Management Theories and Practices II]
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Unit 2 Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography #2
The purpose in writing annotated bibliographies is to get you started on your road of academic research. Most researchers collect a library of annotated bibliographies to catalogue their research articles for subsequent reference. When working on a research topic, they will refer to their library of annotated bibliographies as a first step in gathering relevant and credible data. For example, in the Unit 6 Assignment, you can use two of the articles you annotated in Units 1–5.
It is important that annotated bibliographies summarize both the content and credibility of a journal article. Article credibility is related to whom the author is and their purpose in writing and to whom they are writing. Article credibility is also related to the content of the article itself. Such criteria include:
Reliability: Are the findings reliable? How likely is it that the findings would be same if repeated?
Objectivity: Can the findings be objectively confirmed or verified?
Validity: Are the finds relevant for other contexts? Are the findings transferable?
Sources: Are the findings based on (linked to) previously published research in peer reviewed journal articles?
Your annotated bibliography Assignments include points addressing article credibility (author credentials, audience and article credibility) as well as a summary of the article content (content summary).
In each unit, you will locate in the Library a peer reviewed academic journal article. Review the article and write an annotated bibliography based on the guidance below. Instructions Accessing and assessing leadership theory and practices enable managers to sharpen their ability to address organizational issues. Fortunately, much has been written about leadership. Accessing that information is a first step as you link an understanding of human behavior to the development of your leadership skills. This Assignment will also challenge you to assess the relevancy, validity, and reliability of that information. The final component of the Assignment will be the application of leadership in your management leadership practice to motivate and influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals. Your Annotated Bibliography should be limited to peer reviewed academic articles found in the ABI/Inform Collection database and include a review of the author’s credibility (credentials and experience). Be sure to identify the author’s intended audience. Knowing who the author is addressing will be a key part of understanding the author’s message.
Unit 2 [GM501: Management Theories and Practices II]
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It is important to develop your own paraphrasing practice to capture the essence of what the author says in your own words. Please review the General Citation Guidelines in the Writing Center at this link.
Article and Format:
Provide a journal article relevant to this unit. Properly cite the article.
Article Credibility:
What are the author’s credentials and experience?
Have you encountered this author before in other journal articles or texts?
What is the author’s purpose and what type of audience is the author addressing?
Are the findings dependable? Can you confirm the findings? Are the findings relevant for other settings? Are the findings based/linked to other peer reviewed journals?
Summarize the article in your own words and critique it. What is fact and what is opinion? How reliable are the findings?
Finally, be sure to assess and apply the article to your own leadership practice. How will you apply the article to your leadership practice tomorrow?
For the Unit 2 Annotated Bibliography #2, limit your search to the key terms listed below.
Be sure to utilize the following documents located in Course Documents under Course Resources:
● How to Write an Annotated Bibliography
● APA Guidelines Summary
How to Access the ABI/Inform database, selecting peer reviewed journal articles:

  1. Locate the Library link from Academic Resources
  2. Scroll midway down the page and locate “ABI/Inform Collection”
  3. Make sure “Full text” and “Peer Reviewed” are checked.
  4. Enter your key word in the search area and select the search button.
  5. Under Source Type, select Scholarly Journals.
    Under Course Documents, you will find the “How to Access the ABI/Inform Database” video to learn more on how to access and search using the database along with additional resources. If you prefer, you can bypass this and go directly to the close captioning video.
    Unit 2 [GM501: Management Theories and Practices II]
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    Unit 2 Keywords for Selecting Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Below is a starting list of relevant keywords/authors/journal titles. Utilizing this list will assist your Library research process as you locate relevant peer reviewed, full-text journal articles to annotate. Remember that you need to focus your article search on relevant key terms that pertain to the readings for each unit. These journals and keywords are a starting point. You may use other relevant journals or keywords
    Daft — Chapter 14 (Unit 2)
    Academy of Management Journal
    Wall Street Journal (via the Westlaw Campus Research database)
    California Management Review
    Global environment
    Organizational culture
    Organizational behavior
    Organizational theory and culture
    Stress management
    Emotional intelligence
    Problem solving style
    Job satisfaction
    ● It must be a minimum of 2-pages (600 words) long (excluding title page, references, etc.)
    ● Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion.
    ● Be sure to include the criteria located in the Rubric below within your paper.
    ● It must be APA 6th ed. formatted with citations to your sources and your last page should list all references used. Review the APA formats found in the Writing Center and utilize the APA Guidelines Summary found in Course Documents under Course Resources.
    ● You must use at least one scholarly, high quality, and current source in addition to your course materials. Peer reviewed academic articles, articles published in journals, textbooks, and library resources found in the “ABI/Inform Collection” database from the Library are examples of high quality resources.
    ● Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are not considered as reliable resources for this research.
    Unit 2 [GM501: Management Theories and Practices II]
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    Directions for Submitting Your Assignment
    Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember. Make sure your paper is in the appropriate format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other), then, when you are ready, you may submit to the Unit 2 Assignment 1 Dropbox.
    GM501 Unit 2 Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography #2
    Performance Elements to be Evaluated
    Academic Article
    Provided a journal article relevant to this unit.
    Annotation Format
    Properly cited the article.
    Article Credibility: Author
    Provided the author’s credentials and experience.
    Indicated if you have encountered this author before in other journal articles or texts.
    Article Credibility: Purpose of Article and Audience
    Described the author’s purpose and what type of audience the author is addressing.
    Article Credibility:
    Reliability: findings are dependable
    Objectivity: findings can be confirmed
    Validity: findings can be relevant for other settings
    Sources: findings are based/linked to other peer reviewed journals
    Content Summary
    Summarized what the author is saying and how the message is relevant to understanding the concepts in readings for this unit.
    Described the essential message you took from the author of this article.
    Explained how you would apply the central message from this article to your professional or personal life next week.
    Paper Length
    Minimum 2 written pages (600 words), and double spaced.
    Writing Style
    Appearance, spelling, grammar, organization, clarity, and APA 6th edition formatting and style.
    LATE Paper Deduction
    Total Points Earned

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