What are some of the obstacles or barriers to implementing EBP in nursing? Provide a rationale for your answer. Since there are numerous topics on the issue, it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been mentioned unless providing new information


Barriers to Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Evidence-based practice in nursing is a problem-solving approach that applies the best available evidence from patients’ values, preferences, and adequately designed studies in making treatment decisions. The approach has impacted the healthcare delivery system positively through improved care delivery hence effective patient outcomes (Williams, Perillo & Brown, 2015). The implementation process …

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Common barriers to implementation of evidence-based practice are the time required for effective application, uncertainty, and resistance from the affected actors. Evidence-Based practice requires that the nurses are educated effectively, and new treatment tools are acquired. An education program will automatically reduce the time spent by the healthcare practitioners providing care. Therefore, most practices tend to rush the implementation process to cut on time spent, which affects the overall outcome of EBP (Saunders & Vehviläinen-Julkunen, 2016). Time barrier can be solved by using a slow implementation technique that allows the nurses to learn about evidence-based…

Uncertainty also makes it impossible to implement the process effectively. Most individuals lack knowledge about EBP, which includes, appraising and critiquing the information related to health problems being presented (Williams, Perillo & Brown, 2015).  The barrier can be tackled by ensuring the healthcare providers acquire proper knowledge…

Resistance from the affected actors emerges because people are used to a specific style of operation.  Modification of the culture can be a complicated process and therefore requires excellent techniques. Evidence-based practice requires that the methods applied in healthcare delivery are entirely modified to help improve efficiency in care provision (Saunders & Vehviläinen-Julkunen, 2016). The process cannot be implemented and made effective by one person alone. It requires teamwork from all the members…

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