Community Teaching Experience Paper, Heart Disease Essay

Community Teaching Experience Paper, Heart Disease Essay

This is an individual assignment. In 1,500-2,000 words, describe the teaching experience and discuss your observations. The written portion of this assignment should include:
Summary of teaching plan
Epidemiological rationale for topic
Evaluation of teaching experience
Community response to teaching
Areas of strengths and areas of improvement
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.( Teaching is regarding Pamphlet about Hypertension, teaching has done in Sikh temple community).

Conflict Management and Team Dynamics

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Community Teaching Experience Paper
Community teaching experience paper
For many decades, heart diseases have been a health problem in the US. Heart disease is considered the number one killer compared to other chronic diseases because it is the major cause of high mortality rates among the elderly population. Heart disease kills one in every four Americans and it`s one of the most expensive disease to treat. The government spends approximately more the $ 316.4 billion annually. Heart disease is also known as coronary heart disease because it occurs when the coronary arteries become thin because of accumulation caused by plaque.
Many people are not aware that each year more than half a million Americans die because of heart-related diseases. Medically, heart disease is known as a silent killer because its symptoms are not visible and can be confused with other clinical manifestation of indigestion. In most cases, heart disease symptoms are very mild and almost hardly noticeable. Even though heart disease is the number one cause of death among women, many women are not aware of the main causes and are still at risk of heart disease because they are undiagnosed.
Most women perceive that they are not at any risk of acquiring heart disease since the disease is associated with men. Women over 40 years are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases. Research studies reveal that 80 percent of people who die of cardiac related problems do not show any visible symptom of the disease. This paper will discuss a community teaching experience with a group of local women talking about the key prevention and health promotion strategies to minimize the high rate of cardiovascular diseases.
I wrote a proposal and an outline for community outreach program and shared it with the nurse manager. After the discussion, she presented some additional topics for my presentation. After reviewing my presentation, she granted me the permission to present the information during the upcoming scheduled community outreach program. My presentation outline included the epidemiology, the evaluation the teaching experience, the community response to the teaching and the areas of strengths and improvement for those at risk of acquiring heart diseases.
Summary of teaching experience
During the presentation, I was nervous at first because this was the first time I was conducting a community outreach program. I did not have much experience like others in public speaking. However, the use of technology gave me confidence because I could constantly refer to the PowerPoint presentation instead of focusing on the audience. The PowerPoint presentation was a useful tool when explaining some of the terms. It took about thirty minutes to explain, discuss and present the basic information about heart diseases.
I wanted to get the audience attention. I started my presentation with a simple story about an experience of a family where one member had undergone an open-heart surgery. I followed up the story with questions from the audience, then started on the main topic to explain some of the answers from the audience. The presentation included how to recognize the disease and some of the preventive measures. However, the focus of my presentation was to present the relationship of individual lifestyle and heart disease.
Issues of nutrition and quality of foods like high sugar intake, starch, fats and lack of exercises are among the important sub-topics for my presentation. Apart from unhealthy foods, I discussed the importance of regular exercising and shared a simple plan o

Community Teaching Experience Paper, Heart Disease Essay

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