Perspectives On The Evolution Of Technology Essay Sample

Perspectives On The Evolution Of Technology Essay Sample, Have you ever wondered how some of the countries are more developed than the rest of them? It is a question that begs the evaluation of the developmental mechanisms and theories to try and explain the differences. Today, there are those countries that can be considered to be developed while there are those that can be considered to be developing. Among the different countries and in the regions are cultural variations that underline the dissimilarities in the rate at which countries are developing now, have been developing in the past and how they are likely to perform in the future. The human culture has also evolved over the years, from a time when the human beings were hunters and gatherers to this day of information technology. To better understand the differences of the countries and the various cultures in reference to development and growth, it is crucial to look at some of the most prominent theorists in this field. Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White, and Alvin Toffler are the focus of this paper as the guide to try and understand the elements of development over the years with reference to culture. Of importance, though, how the technological evolution has impacted the society in the past all through to this day. Technology, as is evident in the current society, is the key to the developments that have been taking place and by and large determine the supremacy of the different nations on the global arena. Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White, and Alvin Toffler, though different in their approaches help to understand the basics of technology evolution and the impact that it has had on the society as well as the projected growth and development in the future.
Gerhard Lenski
When considering the approaches that Gerhard Lenski uses in the understanding of the differences in the society relative to technological advances through evolution, there are a number of aspects that have to be considered (Elwell, 2018). Lenski postulates in the ecological evolutionary theory that societies evolve as they respond to the changes that are taking place in their social and natural environments. In perspective, the element of social cultural changes is about two types: extinction and innovation. In the case of the innovation changes in the society, these are associated with the addition of new elements of social practices, institutions, believe systems and more importantly technology. In the case of extinction, this is associated with the elimination processes of the old system processes. Though extinction is a threat and does take place in the element of innovation, which is cumulative, and new developments and improvements ensure that the society is constantly growing and developing on every other front. This can be best understood with reference to the application in technology and how societies have been in a position to develop from a time when most of the practices were rudimentary to a complex information system driven economies (Elwell, 2018). According to Lenski, technology development and evolution are the key to any society to grow and sustain its production systems. Changes in the subsistence technologies in fields such as food production, energy and even extraction of the natural resources, have some far reaching consequences for the human organization, values and cultural beliefs. To put this into perspective, the higher the development in the society, the higher the level of technology evolution. The more societies are able to evolve their technological abilities, the higher they rise over time. The most developed nations today are the ones that have the highest levels of technology development. Lenski follows the stages of sociocultural evolution in connection

Three Distinct Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology Essay

Perspectives On The Evolution Of Technology Essay Sample

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